I wonder if Elon Musk plays WoW?

It’s more likely to know him than you might think.

Such an absolute WASTE. 40 Billion can go towards the new solar technology.

Why waste on a rabble site where zero fact checking and zero sourcing verifies what is being said.

Spending 44 BILLION DOLLARS to get a loony tune reinstated back on Twitter makes his “genius” highly suspect in my book. Though he seems to be getting a billion dollar (fee for backing out of the deal) case of cold feet now. Because he didn’t know about the Bots? Who exactly does not know Twitter has a high percentage of bot infestation?


Either a goblin or gnome mage. I’d lean towards gnome.

He doesn’t play WoW. If he did he would buy over 50% stocks and tell people in charge how bad and outdated WoW is nowdays.


He doesn’t play WoW, he’s in WoW. Leader of the Goblins.

you know how i know he doesnt?

he didnt buy blizzard and let microsoft get it :wink:

i’d love to see elon get into gaming and shake things up honestly. his buddy bezos dabbles with it after all.

I think he’s enjoying his free time playing Warframe. Knowing how overly complicated that game could be, he’s likely godlike there.

Mr Musk does not need to play fake video games. he’s already max level in the game of life.

He spends his free time looking at odd digital paintings of Monkeys.

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Elon is already making some pretty blatant moves to get out of the Twitter deal. It’s just his usual posturing to get nerds to stan for him and then disappearing and everyone forgetting it ever happened.

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Elon Musk doesn’t have time to waste playing a game like WoW

money won’t end world hunger, if it could, it would be solved already. just buying food and handing it out will never solve world hunger. its a stopgap message that stops working the moment the program stops working. it would take maybe 30 billion every year, at current rates, but as current aid projects have shown us, the more money you give to a country that needs food, the more food they start needing because the problem wasn’t solved, money enabled the problem and once the money stops they are worse off.

he didn’t do it to reinstate anyone, he did it to make it stop being a false platform. whether he knew about the bots is irrelevant, what he uncovered was something possibly a SEC violation level of foul play including the bots.


No, he plays FFXIV like a chad.

Elon is the biggest troll on the internet.

There is literally no way he doesn’t have toons in Azeroth.

Vin Diesel (Toretto from Fast N Furious) and Paul Walker (Brian from the same franchise) were WoW players. Vin Diesel shared on Instagram a video about them playing together someday saying that he’ll miss Paul.

Also, Cavill almost lost the job interview for Superman because he was raiding and didn’t answer the phone.

He has no time for video games.

Good at business, I’ll give him that.

But otherwise, he’s a clown.

That’s because it usually does…it certainly does when you’re talking Elon Musk amounts of money

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Elon Musk would definitely play a troll on wow, I mean he wants to let that guy back onto twitter

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:laughing: :joy: I needed that this morning. Thanks!