I wish to take leadership of my Guild *help*

So basically I left due to medical issues for over a year. now I’m back and I realized I can’t change leadership in the guild I’m in. My main was an officer but I left it due to inactivity over a year ago. Now I have what i guess can be called my alt in the guild as an officer alt. The activity is almost non existent and from what I recall last person online was 4 months ago. I’d like to take control of the guild as it’s just rotting atm. Can an Admin assist me in doing so. I know that if the leaders been offline for 90 days ect can switch with the next 2 ranks. No ones been on for 4 months or more other then me. Any help would be great. I have asked in the past for the leader to change me to lead position but they never got back to me…or logged in for that matter.

Looks like you are rank 6 which won’t allow you to take control of the guild. You have to be rank 2 or 3. https://us.battle.net/support/en/article/180600


No, they do not get involved in this anymore. If the guild is able to be taken over, you will get a notification in the guild tab.

However, as stated here:

At your rank, you will never be given the option.

Keep in mind that the Guild Leader’s entire account must be inactive. Not logging in on that character is irrelevant. If they are active on other characters, this option will never be available.


I just wanted to confirm that the information Mythox and Melaesia have shared is correct. If your character is not in the appropriate ranks, they will not be able to take control of the guild and Game Masters will not be able to circumvent that.

The only way this could be accomplished is if the Guild Leader contacted us by ticket and asked for the leadership to be transferred to a specific character. If you’re in touch with them, and they would like to do that then please let them know it is an option we would consider.

Otherwise, it may just be best for you to find another guild or create your own if you do wish to be in the leadership position.

Best of luck!


thanks. i’ll keep nagging em to at least submit a ticket.

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My Hunter is in the same boat :wink:

She is in a guild, all alone. This would be kind of fun, except she was never of a rank that can take it over (even though she and the guild master are the ONLY ones who ever log in, he still bothers to pop in once every 2 months (or whatever the limit is.) )

Since the guild leader continues to log in, even if your character was of the appropriate rank, you wouldn’t be able to assume control of the guild. I would go so far as to say that’s probably exactly why the GL continues to log in - to reset that 90-day dethrone timer.


The GL would only need to reset the 90 day timer if there were still members of rank three or above.
Otherwise, there’s no need to login - ever - to retain the guild.

I’ve had a GL who got deployed overseas who demoted all members to rank 4 or lower so the guild would still be his when he returned.

Ultimately, the guild belongs to the guild leader, not the members. If the GL has taken the appropriate steps to retain ownership during an absense, the members cannot dethrone him.

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What stops people from making their own Guild?

Emotional attachment to the old one?


It’s still the prerogative of that person to either contact the individuals of the appropriate rank or establish a new guild if one does not qualify for the dethrone.

I was certainly not disputing that!

I know. Just merely making a statement.

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All the loot/gold/storage space in the guild bank.

More importantly. if you the one who donated it. I donted everything they have in there.

It also sucks because I am attached to my old guild and I’m still in it. yet the guild leader never removed my acess right to demote, kick or invite… Its a very odd thing indeed.

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When you donate stuff to a guild bank, the guild leader now owns all that stuff unfortunately. Cant really get too upset by that, that’s the way it works. If you don’t have the specific rank able to take over, you just need to move on if the GM wont hand over the reins, that’s within his or her rights to not do


If you have any permissions to take things out of the guild bank, even if limited, you can slowly get back the things you donated.

If you can get back what you need, the best thing to do would be to create or join a new guild and hopefully they stay active.

I’m rank 3 in my guild, GM hasn’t logged in for 4 months according to roster in game. Only thing in guild news is MoTD, and 2 items looted by a rank 2 character, which is not the GM’s toon. Clearly I have the right to petition, but no ability to.

It looks like you would indeed have the option to. When does the roster show the GM last logging in? Does it also show 4 months? Have you checked in the guild-pane to see if the option is there for you to take over the guild?

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Correct me if I am wrong here, but I thought the log in was not character specific, but if the ACCOUNT had logged in. So if I were the GM of Guild X and I stopped playing that toon, but started on a new server, I could never be dethroned?

Or am I remembering this incorrectly?