I wish Gladiator Stance would come back

Title says it all


While they should completely gut the term stance, the reason it didn’t work was because in order to work it needed significant damage changed to prot abilities. It would have been impossible to sustain. (Since it was just a talent)

With that said, it would be fine as a 4th spec. Not that it will ever happen; but one can wish.

Had a ton of fun the very short amount of time it existed.


If they allowed us to xmog 2Hers into 1Hs and offhand weapons into shields, Fury could turn into a nice (visual) alternative.


Best you can do now is to stack crit and versatility.
The crit for (obviously) more damage and parry.
The versa for damage and alot of it will allow you to ignore alot of the incoming damage without the need for using your rage on defensive abilities.

I’m just a casual who does world stuff now, world bosses and junk. It’s what I do.

Now before I get ripped apart here, I’m NOT saying to do this for group content, goof around and get your team killed, this is just for puttering about in like the MAW or Korthia.

This is my M+ tank set along with the triple revenge legendary

I only do 15-16s but the damage is a lot of fun

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Yes 1000%.

wish it come back too, to be a PROPER dps with sword and board and not a tank that does dmg.

since blizz is listening…pretty please? 4th warrior dps spec?