I will promise you MC won't be cleared in week 1


Probably not long. His damage, before mitigation, is 15,715 - 18,235 (Physical). Watching a few videos and he appears to be hitting the tanks for around 2 - 3k. Enrage increases his damage and attack speed by 150%. He’ll most likely one or two shot the tanks after he enrages, especially if they’re not that geared.

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Unless they get special layer/server treatment from Blizzard the chances of that are so low. The people setting these records previously had near-empty servers to do these in the most efficient ways. I do agree that having tons of external support could boost this time but you’re ignoring tons of factors that make the chances of this extremely low on the scale it needs to be done.

-grinding dungeons is slower than mob/quests with external help
-the servers would have to stay up (launch day ques/downtime)
-they would have to dodge every person trying to stop them (with lots of external support comes those who are trying to prevent them as well)
-most of these people with the resources are all going on pvp servers so this interruption will involve camping and ganking
-they have to do this with no sleep for the whole week (world record can rest inbetween sessions since it’s based on /played but this rag kill is a literal week)
-they have to get lucky with gear within a very short timespan (instance lockouts too)
-they have to grind rep and other items required for the bosses in a very short timespan
-they have to do this with 40x people

Anyone who says they are killing it week 1 is just trying to hype it up and probably has no realistic intention to killing it. Too many factors are out of their control even if they do everything else perfectly. For 40x people to get extreme godly luck on top of some inhuman performance of doing literally everything to perfection whilst depriving themselves of sleep for a week is just so unlikely.

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If Method is going after that. I dont think there is a thing the raid bosses could do to stop them from a speed run kill record.

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Week 1 is going to be hard, but im confident my guild can clear MC early week 2


The speed run kill will be on week 2. No one is killing Mag with less then 2 Tranq Shots and I’ve even provided numbers to back that up.


Yeah but your numbers didn’t take into account a couple things.

  1. Warrior tank cooldowns. When frenzy drops you can have your MT pop all his cooldowns and he can stay up for at least a few seconds. Once he does die, your OT can also pop his cooldowns. This tactic will buy your raid extra time.

  2. Your math only counted for dps from your dps. It did not count for damage from your tanks.

  3. Even with both tanks dying and magmadar at very low HP, it still takes time for him to path from raid member to raid member. If you have enough ranged (and these week one Mc teams will have excessive amounts of ranged dps) if they’re spread out it will take a lot longer to wipe. All this accounts for extra time dpsing during his enrage.


I also wasn’t taking into account Magmadar’s abilities. I was giving a lot of leeway to the Raid. Every 30 seconds he emits an AoE fear, so the DPS will not be turreting on him for the full 1:30 so he won’t be nearly as close to dead as my numbers show. I high balled things and put a lot of assumptions in the raids favor to make a point. Magmadar will not be killed with less than 2 Tranq Shots, I’d bet it will take 3 or more that early in the game.


I’m taking the bet.


Actually they were joking when they said that. I think it’s hilarious that so many people fell for it, look at staysafe’s videos it’s in there somewhere. He was mind boggled that people (or rather so many people) bought it.

I’m betting something like 10-13 days for the hardcore no lifers. this is a very optimistic bet too, realistically i think it’ll be week 3.


2 weeks minimum


Okay. Sounds seasonable.


The one interesting thing about classic streams will be right at the end of week 1. I don’t normally watch streams but I’ll take a peek and see what people are doing for MC on day 6-7.

I think it is possible but extremely difficult. Lets see.


What? Lmao


First time around it took people about 5 months, I believe. People think they are “better” now but they aren’t that much better. True everyone knows where everything is. But it should still take a few weeks.


From what I understand, there are guilds dubbing the race the “12 day Ragnaros” completion.

So… 12 days.


No one cares.


There we go. happy i found it for you?


First time around didn’t start on 1.12.

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I think this thread, and others like it, show otherwise.


Yeah that’s why I think a few weeks instead of a few months.