I was wrong..... Retail is better than Classic

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Dunno if helps any but I’ve found that things speed up fairly dramatically after around level 24 or so. Players get more widely distributed across the continents so mob competition lightens up, your class abilities get filled in, etc.

Make sure you’ve joined LookingForGroup. At least on Whitemane that’s where the majority are doing their group building, and it’s much more active than trade or zone generals.

I was actually pretty amazed with how the modern lighting, shadows, and liquid polished up the old world. Looks great to me.

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Oh I have all to no avail. I mean I am level 19 which should be fine enough for DM but haven’t had any luck. Thank you for the advice though as I am sure a lot don’t know about joining that chat.

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Huh, that’s pretty surprising… Just a day or two ago I had no problem quickly getting together a DM group and then later an SFK group, even as Alliance. Time of day thing maybe?

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Disagree it was boring back then and its still boring now only reason i played it as my 2nd MMorpg was playing DAOC back then as my main MMOrpg at that time being was you couldn’t lose xp when you died in WoW vanilla or deleveling like what everquest had in the past.

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While I am in the group that rather play retail and will not deny seeing someone eat crow over their over the top hype of classic is satisfying, the issue isn’t that classic isn’t what it’s cracked up to be but rather the idea that one version has to be superior to the other. That’s not the case ,there are people that prefer classic and that’s fine, and there are people that prefer BfA and that’s fine too. It shouldn’t be “X is better than Y”, more “X isn’t satisfying to me as Y is”


How many of these trashy troll threads are you going to make in one day?

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I agree with this completely. Classic is by no means for me, but I want the people who are enjoying it now to continue doing so for the benefit of WoW in general.


why was his post marked as spam lol he has some solid points, people using racism and hating on his race/class


…can I have your classic gold?


It’s kind of hilarious how his post got flagged by the community. Out of all the “x is better than y version of the game” posts, this is probably the least offensive I’ve seen in awhile.

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He actually gave reasons why he thought so too.

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Its not on foot. I lost track of how many corpse runs I did when doing the people’s militia pt 2 over the last two days. Not to mention that the cloth quest pants had strength on them


Yeah. There’s nothing wrong with some guy being disillusioned with a game he was looking forward to.

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Again, the argument really isn’t about which version is factually better. It’s what version is better for an individual


Pretty much this.

It was only as difficult as you made it on yourself.

Exactly. Guess there are some follks though that like standing around kobold cave waiting for one to spawn hoping to get a cast, or spell off before some melee just runs around tags everything in the area lol. Tbh though that is really the only gripe I have, or had when I played it for the couple days that I did. Once the newness wears off wont be bad at all, because most everyone is bum rushing through the starter zones. There goes that taking it all in, just taking my time bs that has been spewed numerous times in just about every classic related thread for the last 5 years lol.


What you not seem to understand … Classic is aimed different then Retail.

I guess you now understand, as to why allot people consider BC better then Vanilla. It brought in Flying, among other things.

Combat was allot more Strategic in nature in Vanilla, BC and WotLK.

You forget, those graphics are 15 years old. Most Models got overhauled 2-3 times already. Even the Player Models got some minor changes and not only the makeover in WoD.

It is ok if you like that twitchy BfA gameplay more, the over saturation of stuff like complicated Class gameplay, bosses that have multiple things to look out for.
Vanilla was always a slower pace, gave players more time to interact with each other.

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Couldn’t disagree more. They’re needed for players that don’t have the time to commit to a full guild but still want to get their money’s worth and see what the game has to offer. Yes, people are jerks but saying every single person who goes into LFR or LFG is one is severely over exaggerating. We don’t need to remove LFR, we need to improve it and make it feel less of “Well, they don’t need me to finish this thing”.


While i appreciate your mea culpa, i am equally sick of classic threads.

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I few sorry for you OP. Sometimes my memory betrays me but never for such a high amount. If I was you I would have by brain checked out, it can be something really serious.


It’s because he never actually thought Classic was going to be better. Look at his thread making history. He spams these on multiple characters all the time to give off the illusion of some grand epiphany about Classic. He’s just a troll playing into the tribal arguments of retail vs classic.