I was wrong..... Retail is better than Classic


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So after joining classic I bought BFA, heres why I stopped playing

There’s a classic forum for this

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yes you are wrong

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I agree with you, OP.


Don’t feed the troll, thank you.

Unless you wish to feed me cookies, then it’s aight.


Light bless you

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There’s a lot of this I disagree with. Especially combat.

Compared to other MMOs I played, WoW combat was fluid and exciting. Go look at the combat for City of Heroes - THAT was turn based combat (or very much like it). You just stood in one place and pressed the next button.

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Same feelings as the OP. Classic was groundbreaking at the time, but it’s pretty dull now. I couldn’t make it very far before throwing in the flag and returning to Live. The simplistic and tedious nature of Classic doesn’t suit my playstyle or time devotion anymore.


Classic it’s much more time consuming… If you don’t have the time … don’t play it . Simple


Thats what killed classic for me over the last 10 days or so.
Just too much running back and forth.
Everything else about it was pretty fun.

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Welcome home! that was a great read! and pretty much for those same reasons is why I won’t even DL Classic, been there, done that it’s now 2019! QoL in retail is amazing!

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So a post about retail being better than classic, belongs on the classic forum?

That’s just… classic

On the topic,

Each has its own appeal.

Retail has more QOL improvement, new instances, achievements to earn, pet battles, and all the other improvements from 15 years of development.

Classic is as close as we can get to the original in game play with some QOL that didn’t exist back then, your Bnet friends list. But it is the game play along with talent options that was missed by so many.

Why so many have to look at this as “this one is better” is beyond me. Play the version you like, or both, and enjoy the game. It’s not a competition, one won’t kill the other.

If there is one thing I hope for, it’s classic will strengthen the World of Warcraft brand there by giving it further staying power in the game market, making it available for all of us to enjoy.

To hope one or the other dies, is like hoping the pilot of the plane your a passenger on crashes it. Wake up…

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Chili fries count?


I personally never understood the hype around classic. Clunky gameplay, very slow leveling, less spell abilities, less timers to need to watch, boring mechanics during boss fights… I’ve already spent years playing classic WoW. I see no reason at all to play the game when it was at it’s most bare and basic state.


Why does everyone have to keep arguing about classic and retail?

Just play what makes you happy and leave it at that.


definitely agree…which is why both should be kept their own game.

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Two things prevent me from playing Classic more right now:

  • I’d forgotten how slow the combat mechanics are from Vanilla. I’m leveling a warlock and it’s cast a bunch of dots, fire off some shadow bolts, see I have almost no mana left and start poking the mob with my dagger. Poke, poke, poke, poke, …

  • I’d forgotten how much time was spent traveling during a play session. Running back and forth, back and forth to the same quest areas. Running back to the trainer. Running back to town to sell my grey items because my bags are full.

And yet, there’s 60s running around on my server on their mounts already. Twelve days after Classic launched. Which would have been unheard of back in Vanilla. So, I guess leveling is not so much a challenge as it is a test of how many hours you want to put in to get to max-level.


You’re deluded, sorry.

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how is that any different then now though?


Meh. My wife, my brother, and I are enjoying it. We’re also not in a rush.

Running can be a bother, but no one has to do those quests. I run in to a lot of fun experiences running around too though. PvP, stitches on the road to darkshire, other ppl needing help.

I don’t find the combat clunky. It’s decently fluid. Just slower. Which is nice IMO.

Graphics really don’t matter to me. Fun does. I’ve always appreciated Nintendo because of this.

Difficulty is just what ppl make of it. It can be easy if you don’t push yourself. On my mage I would take on groups without blizzard aoe’ing. Or take on an elite mob on my own.

I’m glad you found your way though. Sorry to lose you from classic. I won’t bother talking about retail as my post is long enough.