I want to try out Outlaw Rogue


I was looking to get into trying Rogue out since we can be Outlaw Tauren soon. Anyone have some insight on how they are enjoy how the class has felt? I have enjoyed the off healing and burst damage from Enhance Shaman, the sustainability and questing from brewmaster monk through BFA, and the aggressive feel of Arms and Fury warrior so far.

I’m excited at the big toolkit to work with that rogues seem to have but too complicated of a button sheet does concern me.

Thanks for any input

Outlaw rogue is pretty fun, but it’s somewhat RNG gated by Roll the Bones combat buff. If you’re used to burst damage enhance shaman, the closest thing we have right now would be greenskin wickers legendary, which they’ve turned into the DF class tree. It’s not that proc based unless you’re trying to boost it with opportunity.
All that said, outlaw isn’t really a burst class, it’s more a high sustained damage class. Our major CD in Adrenaline Rush isn’t so much burst as it is just being able to push out more finishers.

My best advice is to get a weakaura that helps monitor what Roll the Bones buffs you get, it’s the single biggest help to increasing dps you can have.

As for complication, outlaw rogue is not complicated, it actually follows pretty much all fight encounters.

  • First you buff yourself (slice and dice and roll the bones).
  • Debuff the enemy (Between the Eyes)
  • DPS
  • Maintain buffs and debuffs

There’s slightly more intricate details such as timing Adrenaline Rush when you’re on low energy so it’s not wasted, but those are things you pick up after you have the basics down.

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Go to the rogue discord and check out the outlaw FAQ because there’s simply too much to type here and people here, like the guy above, are just going to give you completely incorrect information on how to play the class correctly.


Thank you both. I do look forward to checking it out once Dragonflight is here.

I’m leveling a Kul Tiran Outlaw Rogue right now and it BLOWS early on before you get your energy regen passives. Just stick with it through that and it gets decently fun.


i just got to 60 last night and i thought i was going to hate outlaw rogues because or rng and omg i love this spec