I want to permanently enslave demons

Hunters get their choice of pets. But no we don’t get a choice. We are stuck with the runts of the litter. If it is a demon I want it in my servitude. All unwilling subjects will do my bidding.


Agreed, and feel free to like/bump the almost 1.5 year old thread I made on GD about this very issue!


I’d settle for some new high-res skins in the meantime. Seeing the incubus model is a reminder of how sketchy some of the demon models are.

Along those lines…I think druids got a new cheetah form.


Don’t you mean SUBJUGATE Demons?

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You are clearly one of Millhouse Manastorm’s many ex-girlfriends.

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As a new player who’s been playing Legion for mogs recently… yes, please. There are so many cuties to enslave. uwu

The way I wish we could summon wyrmtongues as a portable bank…

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I would love for warlocks to be able to pick them and tame their demons. I was wishing that since classic wow.