I want to get shadow lands beta

am wantign to get in to the beta for shadowlands if any one pls let me now how to i would love to do that pls let me now

You can opt-in to possibly be chosen for the beta by following the “Opt-In” option in the top right of the Shadowlands page here:


Just to add, there is no means to guarantee entry into the beta, you just have to opt-in and have luck on your side.


iddid that been watign for months how would i now wen i get it

Keep in mind that the number of people who want to get into the alpha or beta testing and the number of slots available are not the same, with the number of slots being lower…much lower.


Beta hasn’t come out quite yet, so you haven’t missed out on anything Umineko. It’s allegedly coming out sometime this week hopefully!


If you are selected to participate in testing, your Blizzard account will be updated and you’ll see the option in your Blizzard launcher.

You’ll also receive an email notifying you of the invite. But be careful of spam and scams! If we send you a notification, you won’t need to sign in or use a code. You’ll have already been given access.


Beta invites start this week. You will get an email. Or, check your bnet client. I knew I had. BFA Beta before I got the email that way.


ok thanke you

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