"I want classic to be a challenge" also this forum:

“I want easy black lotus”.

Lets point out what is really going on here. Raid loggers who post on the forums 12 hours a day are jealous that people who play the game have valuable items and they want others to be as miserable as they themselves are.

Not being able to use a flask makes the game harder. Having an abundance of BL at cheap prices makes the game easier.


All it takes is a few mins every like 6 hours to make enough money to buy flasks. wtf are you talking about? haha.


Ummm all this “classic is challenging” stuff aint really a thing since 2006, sorry bro.
They/we are in for the parses and to compete against others by that.


Don’t speak truth, you will be witch hunted by the forums.


Without world buffs and flasks the content is still mind numbingly easy.


You sure about that one? Threat management is very different without a world buffed tank. It’s still easy, but I wouldn’t put it in the mind numbing category.

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True. So why do we need to have flasks to begin with?

People on the forums are jealous of others and I say this with only 1 BL to my name.


Why not have flasks? Just because the content is easy doesn’t negate the desire to perform at your best. The parsing competition is the only enjoyable competitive content in the game right now.


Making black lotus slightly more available to the community as a whole isn’t ‘easy black lotus.’ Making it a 1-5% drop in silver sage/plague bloom/dreamfoil/whatever would simply stop the bots that have taken over the market, and would make the item slighlty more available to the community. Prices would still be sky high, but you’d at least have a minor chance of farming one if you chose to do so.


Maybe there are bots on smaller servers but overall I think you are confusing bots with multiboxers and those are 2 very different things.


found the multiboxer trying to protect his mafia


To be fair people with 1000+ black lotus on servers with 200g buyouts are sitting on more real world money then most families in north america have in their bank account.

Is it ethical to change the economy for the better or worse to benefit one side I dunno, an I don’t care. “Rare” drops and exclusive things should be gated by skill an time investment not time investment solely

Last night in un goro I saw 4 different L2 characters in un goro just standing in areas that somehow don’t aggro anything and clicking power crystals the moment they spawned in those locations. I also saw a L56 mage spamming frostbolt at a L51 mob that was stuck on the terrain and evading. The mage ran oom and kept casting frostbolt. 10 minutes later I came back and the same mage was still oom and in combat with the mob, occasionally throwing a frostbolt when it would gain the mana.

I bet all those were multi boxers too huh?


You just think that you do, otherwise you wouldn’t be so salty right now. In reality you can raid just fine without them.

I just realized your from faerlina, that explains a lot.


Why do we need gear? Most content can be completed naked. Only tanks get gear from now on. Melee can have weapons. The rest? Remove it from the game, because you dont need it.

Leveling content, sure. Raiding content… I’d like to see a group of 100% naked people completing raids. That would be interesting.


Then how about this…

Remove all loot from BWL.

BWL was cleared in under an hour after release. You dont need it, so it shouldnt exist… just like black lotus.

Loot is the reward system; It has a function. Flasks, potions, world buffs are all luxuries.

I have a feeling that Vael, Rag, and patchwork would like to have a word with you if you don’t have at least acceptable gear.


Nope. If you dont need it, you dont deserve it. Black Lotus Logic.

Whatever floats your boat. ¯\ (ツ)