I think the toxic raid meta is a myth

It’s pretty bulletproof logic that social activities have less friction if you know the people involved. There’s nothing embarrassing about that observation.

But to your point, I’m starting to get a pretty good idea why people don’t want to invite you to their raids, and why you can’t fit into a guild.

So, because you’re both too inept to understand what I’ve said and refuse to acknowledge reality, that’s what you came up with? I’m not even 40 yet, nor have I tried to raid and I’m gonna raid with friends if I raid at all… not acknowledging reality is y’all problem, I’m not asking if you believe it exists… it exists whether you believe it exists or not.

As I told Starla, you’re embarrassing yourself… 4 post :troll: ? :rofl:

Oh sweet gwenn… you always make this claim that people don’t understand you, but they do. They just don’t agree with you or accept what you put forth as reality. Probably because you troll post so much.

Are you being forced to play? Why should I be forced to sit in front of a computer.

I sometimes have to pug 1 or 2 dps depending on peoples schedules. Never checked a log yet, and have cleared the raid every time smoothly.

Sure, here’s the relevant quote. I’ve bolded the important part:

So basically… if you want to play SoD, Blizzard wants you to join a guild. Having a subpar experience in SoD because you aren’t in a guild? Good, that’s by Blizzard’s design. Guilds are meant to be BiS.

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All you’ve done over and over is assert that:

  1. Being in a guild is a form of oppression
  2. Expecting you to make friends is unrealistic (We all actually agree with you here)
  3. The fact that there’s any friction at all when you try to do social activities with complete strangers is proof that the meta-game around Raiding in SOD is fundamentally toxic.

And also, call anyone that doesn’t agree with you stupid and finish with an emoji.

We all “understand”.

And I’m not 4 posts (now 5 I guess) I’m the OP - I changed my avatar to my SoD character because it seemed more appropriate for the SoD forms. I’m surprised such a seasoned forums troll doesn’t know your post count is tracked separately depending on what character you’re posting as.

See now I’m posting as with the OP avatar and my post count is way different. Forums magic.

You are so hot for this post. I could kiss you on the forehead.

No, they don’t. They’re like you… smooth in the brain area. Stay mad and cope all you want.

:troll: /10

Thank you for the quote, but doesn’t change anything I’ve said… I will never care what blizzard wants us to do, the player is the only opinion that is important. I don’t want to be part of a guild, I don’t need to be part of a guild, I have friends that will setup the raids… they like the process of it and I tag along. Doesn’t mean the toxic raid meta doesn’t exist… that’s literally all I’ve really said this entire time, if people want to deny it… whatever helps them sleep at night.

Give me a good reason that I should read this and not automatically assume you’re pro parse culture?

Toxic raid meta is a thing because people are lazy. Instead of taking people that might be good they’re taking people with good numbers.

If you can’t get in a guild you might as well not do the raid.

PVP balance is always a talking point. There are legitimate criticisms (Arcane Surge just feels bad to exist, living flame doesn’t have a debuff for the actual flame target, homunculi cannot be feared, etc) and others are not (wah X class is insanely broken, nerf nerf nerf!).

Whether there is any focus on PVP balance, who knows. But I would say that the VAST majority of PVP complaints on the forums are BG Andy’s that got smoked by someone and came here to cry about it.

The second one is also surely a combination of legitimate and not so much complaints. And a LOT of people that don’t understand the actual problem. There’s definitely a healer shortage, but that is a shortage because there are more tanks and dps than can be supported by the current healer population. And this always exists all of the time. The solution is that more people need to play healers. But healing isn’t exactly engaging gameplay for some. So you either accept that healers are something you have to hunt for, you demand Blizzard force class disparity into the hole again so someone else is forced to reroll a healer, or you reroll a healer.

As for people that say “X class cannot get groups” they tend to primarily focus on performance as opposed to population. The reality is that if you’re a warrior, mage, hunter, or rogue you are VASTLY overpopulating the gnomer logs. You are one of the most populated 4 classes for DPS, and likely the reason for your lack of spots in public groups comes down to the fact your position is already filled by someone on that same class. Again, a lot of people want class disparity enforced here, because instead of trying to play other classes, those that overpopulated the class want to make sure their performance is so high that it forces more spots to be dedicated to them and less to others. Again, another “Make someone else solve my problem by force”.

Lastly, there ARE issues with pug groups. Because there usually are. Whether it’s loot hungry players attempting to stack the group in their favor, HR on items that are highly contested, being overly picky about logs because the system rewards only success and overly punishes failure preventing people from wanting to risk their lockout, there are good and bad aspects.

Why would someone want to risk their lockout and possibly not get gear in a raid with 9 other people they don’t know, or care about? The system is designed to really foster specific raid groups, and that was the IDEA behind this back in 2004. But gamers have changed their habits. There will always be pain points because of design decisions and directions that clash with what players want and perceive. It’s only a problem if the design is intended to be changed. And if you want the design to be changed to accommodate changing player behaviors that’s how we got retail.

"Thank you for providing exactly the evidence I asked for to admit you guys are right.

But now the goalpost is over here and all you are idiots"

This dude is like a chatbot trained only on reddit posts.

What is this incoherent babbling? He gave the quote. That’s what was asked.

When was the goal-post moved? None of this is a debate… doesn’t mean I have to care about the opinion of blizzard, because I’m sure they don’t care about mine. So I ask again, where is this incoherent babbling coming from?

The whole point of this thread is to say something doesn’t exist, it does it’s that simple… blizzard wanting us to join guilds, means what? We don’t have to. I’ll continue to pug with my friends leading them.

Look for guilds that do multiple runs. I was in a guild that had runs going 4-5 days a week , early afternoons and late night.

Made it easy to pick one to go to, or run alts through. They’re out there. Spam in LFG for one. Obviously these are usually very large guilds. If they’re managed well though, they’re very nice

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Any time I read “toxic” in a title or the first sentence, I just don’t read past it. That word is already dead, stop kicking it.

/throws in the towel

Literally no one who interacts with you on these forums believes a thing you’ve been saying, especially about having friends who do all the work for you.

Toxic meta does not exist no matter what you say think or do regarding guilds. Chronically toxic poster who refuses to join a guild isnt going to change my mind. No matter how many times you insult my intelligence or put forward a new reality.

Amen 100% Bal

LFR can fix this with personal loot

funny, Im a rogue and priest main as well.

easily not #1 in pvp. hard to impossible get stv groups, ab groups, or WSG groups (and that should explain it all to you right there) destroyed by anything that opens up on them in 2-3 hits, every class now has a hard counter to rogues, as well as all classes now have a trinket to destroy rogues. you know youre #1 in pvp when ab/stv/wsg groups are always spamming to have you in a group. which you’ll never see, because were bottom of the barrel.

in PvE they’re not fine (youre clearly not a rogue main), Rogues are paying to get into raids, we bring no utility, no buffs, only 1 debuff (and 2 other classes bring better versions) we do the 2nd lowest damage in the game. other than paladin there isnt a single class that doesnt do more damage than us. our runes are complete garbage, redirect is complete garbage. theres literally 8 other classes you can bring in game that are always 100% of the time a better choice than a rogue.

as far as your SP comparison (LOLOLOL) sps pump MORE dps, while healing at the same time, bringing buffs, debuffs, and utility.

you dont main a rogue.

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