I think rogues need heals

im seeing soooo many shamans,druids, warrs, monks that have the same exact burst capabilities and gnarly dmg just like us rogues… but they can got from 10% back to full health in like 2 seconds and ontop they can heal side heals on themselves all day long we have one little potion and a stupid feint if its a 1v1 and you both are short on CD’s the other class wins because they have such great heals

They can’t shank you while invisible, lock you down and kill you within a stun, so no.

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yet they are nerfing our 10% bonus stamina to 5% - thinking were too tough :wink:

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Grab some bandages and healing potions. Better than nothing

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You want rogues to heal, and have a button that makes them disappear if they’re going to lose? Then you. rogues need to give something up, like a 60 minute cool down on vanish would be about right. Also, monks get stealth, even if it’s like hunter’s camaflage, they need stealth, and they could be equivalent to ninjas, anyway.

vanish is always on cd since its used for dps. maybe they save it as a defensive in pvp i wouldnt know.

in pve its more like “oh snap no audacity proc better pop vanish and ambush right away”

Correct me if I’m wrong, but can’t rogues heal infinitely while stealthed?

I remember that 1v1 my ret paladin gets outhealed by the rogue. All rogue does is slow me down, stealth, heal to full health, repeat.

Yeah, we can - but it takes forever…and I wanna be fully healed and ready to kill NOW!

Always a little sad to see rogues complain about other class’s survivability.


not anymore they removed the regen from stealth. Now if you get regen leech cape enchhant it kinda work the same

Um the vial ability is like 30% hp on a 30 sec cd lol. Is that not enough!!???

Yep. They have some of the best defensives in the game…wild to see a post like this.


Am I seeing a rogue complain about PvP!?

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Considering rogues have, historically, been able to Feint through an apocalypse–up to and including tanking major end-boss Mythic mechanics–how about no.


Nope. Not enough. Want complete healing while out of stealth. Want virtual immortality. Want it now! :upside_down_face:

Rogue healing spec confirmed?

I mean, I guess adding a heal would help, but isn’t that dated thinking in this day and age? Heals been done, son. I mean, I hope you get it. But It’s a lousy ask when you could have gone for the far more modern, lose no health. Ever.

I thought that Recuperate was bad back in the day, but then Legion came and they gave rogues health potion 2.0.

its 20% of your maximum health not hp so its nowhere as strong as all the other classes

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