I think PVP servers should be brought back. Even if its a test

War mode is just not the same… And I get it, PvP is not for everyone. But those who are more PvP players should be allowed to play on this type of server if those choose to. Normal servers can stay the same, they could even keep the option to turn war mode on and off. It would not interrupt anyone’s gameplay. Normal servers = no change at all. There could even be a warning pop up before choosing the PvP server, to make sure new players dont accidently join it. Show the warning 3 times if needed. They will get the idea eventually. Anyone else like this idea? How could we get Bliz to notice it, if there is enough interest?


Hello, I see you posted a thread about horrible ideas. The only thing that would happen is you end up with a server with like 95% of the population on a single faction, very similar to what it was before warmode, haha!

Thanks for your post and have a great day!

I’ll never forget the day in TBC when I was playing Horde, and we raided a house in Ironforge for no real reason, held out for hours.

We had Warlocks sneak in with invis pots and start summoning raids of Horde in the second floor of one of those empty Ironforge houses, it was glorious.

Some lowbie questing Alliance found us, he wasn’t PvP toggled because he was on home turf, and he started yelling and calling for help lol.

We would AoE the doorway to keep stealthies out, and rotate people so no one would go oom, and folks with low hp or mana would retreat upstairs to drink and eat again. We kept the fight going for hours, lmao. It started sometime in the evening and ended before midnight.

Because we were in a city, we had access to trade chat, we’d keep inviting more Horde and summoning them into Ironforce. Limitless reinforcements, and I assume the Alliance were doing the same in regards to rallying troops for defense.

Eventually the Alliance killed us all and made us retreat, but it was fun for everyone involed. I really miss stuff like that, and it still happens in Classic.


Well i mean if all you guys wanna pvp with each other why arent you guy all flaggin ?

I agree. This sort of thing doesnt happen with the new “war mode” system. Its just not the same anymore.

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No. We tried this. The experiment failed. Push toward making War Mode better and more PvP-centric instead.

the old idea of pvp realms is a dead concept. Take a look at the realm populations of classic.

No one cares about pvp. The classic realms are 100% faction stacked. It’s not even a new thing, it’s been that way for years now.

They care about having an insane advantage at any given time to grief people, because they’re bad at the game and can’t stand pvp when they don’t have a more or less guaranteed win.

And unless Blizzard came up with a way to maintain a faction balance, you would end up with the same problem that arose back when we had pvp servers - the population would swing gradually towards one faction until players of the minor faction stopped playing their toons and they ended up with effectively a single faction realm - so, no Horde v Alliance PvP, effectively a “normal” server but just everyone a single faction.

The reason we got warmode was because they could never figure out a way to stop that happening.

If people want to do world PvP they can do it now - all they would have to do is - for example - form a warmode community and have regular events between factions. Send out the call, “Alliance to attack Crossroads” and let PvP happen. I dunno if that sort of thing occurs but if so, I’ve not heard of it.

I think the populations of classic is a different story. Even RP realms are one sided. This problem isnt specific to pvp. Its just a general one.

The playerbase is too fragmented for that to happen, between Warmode and sharding/realm phasing.

There are a decent amount of PvPers still around, but they are spread thin between all the realms, I’m on Illidan for example and I see a decent amount of recurring players on Bleeding Hollow, Area 52, Moonguard etc.

If there was only one server for all these people to play on, and it didn’t phase, it’d be just fine. Or if they just merged them lol, I’m sure the tech can handle it.

I think Classic servers don’t have phasing at all, it’s entirely locked into that server’s community, and cross-realm only applies to dungeons and battlegrounds.

Also, having sanctuary cities kinda dampens things, you can raid the old cities but no one’s gonna care to defend it since the new city has an AH of it’s own, etc.

In Classic to Wrath they are still very relevant.

Spontaneous PvP does happen with those PvP world quests, but that’s pretty much it, and those are ghost towns these days.

If you formed a raid group, would they not all be together, as they are now?

Yeah, but what are they gonna attack, lol?

The capitals are empty.

Although if there are PvP zones in the Emerald Dream zone, I guess they could lock down a city or town or something. It still happens, just kinda rare these days.

With like towns and outposts and stuff, the few that are still non-sanctuary.

Not going to happen.
One server type to work with now instead of two.
They arent going to recreate more work for themselves willingly.

That was why I mentioned a community. If you had Horde and Alliance players, they would create the people you needed.

Obviously this is an ideal situation but you cannot guarantee people being available for world pvp on a pvp realm either. Being offline, being in dungeons or raids, being elsewhere across the game, the reasons for the playerbase being spread and/or unavailable or uninterested remain the same, whether for a pvp realm or the game now.

You cannot force people to do something like that - they actually need to want to do it.

See the funny thing here is ruin has in the past done this.

and then (horde) people whined about that. Ruin is wrecking naga land in BFA.

Oh oh…ruin is wrecking borethia! I found that actually livened the place up, but that’s me

Horde can make groups too but chose not to. But I got that. 5 on 1’s are only fun when you are the 5.

Ruin made it unfun it seems by going okay 5 on 1 seems to be okay. 25 on 5…is also a 5 on1 (once simplified ofc).

If pvp servers were still a thing then these pvers who are at the helm will definitely stop making these 500K damage on use pve trinkets that can oneshot people. Right now they don’t care what they make, as long as it is good in pve.