I think people will actually like Classic (i.e., layering forever)

I hope they keep layering forever on all zones, there will never be any population problems with this system in place. Only benefits.

It’s not an opinion, it’s a proven and trackable fact, Blizzard knows this and must plan accordingly.

In the event that one or two servers do not drop as far as expected, they have a plan. As I mentioned before.

To deny the population drop it wishful thinking at best.

Classic is not a new game. It’s a museum piece. New player and nw player retention will be battle. Blizzard stating they are good with 10’s of players shows they are not in it for pulling new players. They are in it to recover their IP.

Which is the beauty of the system and the point of why Layering is good. Without layering the only way to kill queues is to open more realms, creating a good chance of dead realms later.

Planning for the majority of players to immediately fall in love with a 15 year old game, just because those of us on the forums are passionate about it, is planning for a fantasy which will fail.

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You’re not the slightest bit concerned with all the layering bugs and exploits? I personally don’t consider the ability to phase to a different layer so easily to be very engaging or fair.

Warstorm, as you read what is sure to be a depressing thread, just keep in mind that one of the reasons you’re going to get a lot of venom on the forums for bringing this up, is that there are some retailers who are mortified of this outcome, because it would conceivably shift development focus back to old-school philosophies. They’re scared.

Don’t misconstrue this is one of those skru u retail babbies12!! garbage posts. There are quite a few of them who would welcome a return to form. Just keep this business in mind when you struggle to grasp how some of them could be skeptical in the face of overwhelming interest.

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I am. And if people would stop demanding an impossible demand, we could start focusing on discussing those fixes, instead of “NO LAYERS OR I QUIT!” nonsense.

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no, it’s not. with all the variables that are at play they have an educated guess at best. releasing a game to the world isn’t a closed test in a vacuum with exactly the same outcome every single time you run the test.

layering doesn’t solve queues, and depending on how many layers they allow per realm could even kill most servers starting on day 1.

better solutions have been constantly suggested that account for either outcome, i know you’ve seen them so if you’re still on it’s either layering or not layering you must be trolling

Oh, sure, it -COULD- happen, right… so Classic is going to be the one game that breaks the statistics. The culture illustrated by pservers also will break that mold too and stick with the game. A game that required F R E S H servers to pop up regularly to rehype only to dwindle once again.

It, could happen, so Blizzard should make that their plan A. Not plan B.

Na, their plan A is based on reality.

It should be mentioned that the whole FRESH thing was a result of poor scripting, poor connectivity, and corruption. I don’t know a single person that wanted to reroll and level to 60 “just for the rush”. Every single person was leaving because X server was trash, not because they wanted to reexperience MC.

The population drop will come, it’s just a matter of how long it will take.

Blizzard seems to think weeks. I think it may be more like a year… possibly two. That is, for a drop large enough to turn off layering according to their original plan.

plenty of games continued to grow after release, including world of warcraft

So Blizzard should make decisions based on your optimism rather than their research team and logic. Got it.

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I submit STVietnam as exhibit number 1.

Huge amount of pserver population play there just for this reason. F R E S H server means fresh group of levelers to gank.

PvE server fit you case well though, which is why there are so few PvE pserver.

Is this the same research team that brought us: Flying, LFG, LFR, Sharding, Phasing, War Mode, Summoning Stones, four different raid tiers, homogenized class design, a Skinner Box gearing system, and all of our other favorite features?

They were and are popular to a subset of the playerbase so yes. Unless the game should be judged just based on your personal preferences as if that makes the game better.

You’re in a niche, just like the players who favor those features. Don’t forget that.

The leveling wall alone will kick in within a few weeks. That wall where leveling becomes more like work, usually 30-40’s.

Add in the nostalgia drop off and the “wish the modern WoW QoL was in Classic but it ain’t” blues. Population will drop quickly enough.

The question is how far.

That has nothing to do with the issue Classic will be enduring. WoW when it was new had a draw for new players. That draw isn’t going to work this time around.

Yes, so popular that millions of people would rather play a 15 year old game just to avoid them. It seems pretty clear now that Classic’s population will be larger than BFA’s.

Retail WoW’s subscribers are plummeting, and BFA is in the toilet. Don’t forget that.

Theres really no proof that millions are gonna play this 15 year old game. Unless you’re exaggerating the dismal active pserver base which doesnt account to million(s). Again, you’re basing everything off of your optimism, you’re setting yourself up to be quite disappointed.

Its a 15 year old game… Thats like saying Vanilla was better because it had 6 million subs compared to what we got now without considering the fact that Vanilla was brand new.

2-3 layers per realm, probably max 4.

I have not seen an outcome that solves Blizzard’s goals. I have seen “solutions” that simply told Blizzard they are wrong. If I’ve missed the “perfect solution” please, re-enlighten me.

  • No layers = massive queues.
  • More realms = dead realms after the burst giving Connected Realms (Blizzard has never done server merges).
  • Dynamic Respawns = Highly exploitable.
  • Higher population caps = Horribly inauthentic and far more painful.
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We went to the moon in the 60’s but haven’t sent a human back since. :haircut_man: