I think I'm going to cry

I’m pretty sure the Maw is a single player experience outside of minor competition/PvP.


If you wanna be even more cynical. Without mounts, you wont argue for flying.

It is not you can group up and people are in there with you.

So when people on the forums said to the no-flyers that they should really be asking for no mounts at all, Blizz actually took that idea and ran with it?

Jeez, people, do you see what happened here? We screwed ourselves by giving them even worse ideas than they come up with on their own!

/moo :cow:


I’m not sure how that makes the content more fun and compelling.

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Please tell me how you would make it fun and compelling? You have to do their content to get a mount. You need to do this for sockets, currency, some gear. Its a challenge and timed or you die. Rare mobs that drop gear and pets and toys. How is this not fun content? Because you have to walk lol?

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I’m really not looking forward to the Maw @ all.
:sob: :sob:


Unless you’re trying to min-max like crazy i wouldn’t worry about it, only thing really worth it is the sockets.

I dont understand why they don’t just let jewelcrafters make some item where it can add a socket to an item.

Even with this change, it’s not going to be fun to “force” the min/maxers to go out and do dailies to get an item to socket their gear. Why not let the crafters have more fun and allow them to make and sell that service?


Why not just make sockets a permanent fixture again /shrug.

I know I won’t bother farming for them.


Quit the game then lol


Why does playing the game have to be a grind, and player progression jumping through hoops in content Blizzard doesn’t try to make enjoyable?

Is your snarky singleplayer comment your way of saying you don’t think Blizzard should be trying to make the game fun?

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Because Blizz wants us to go to hell. :smiling_imp:


Its an MMO lol tell one MMO that isn’t grindy. If it wasn’t grindy then they wouldn’t be having people subscribe. There is no hoops to jump through for player progression. You don’t have grind the maw unless you want all sockets. The thing is about this game is you don’t have to do any of this. Unless you are a top 100 guild you don’t need to do this. I am a CE raider and I am not going to be farming this for sockets. Also you didn’t answer my question about how you think it should be fun.

No its not snarky but you are playing an MMO they have always and will be grindy. Thats how they make their money. Single player games are a one time buy and you don’t need to grind anything. I love WoW and I like the grind it makes me feel like my player is getting stronger.


The system reminds me of the Warlords of Dreanor apexis crystal farming “end game” which was also not fun until the time of Tanaan Jungle, which is when I had an incredible amount of fun and engagement with the system.

If the maw is as well designed as Tanaan or Timeless Isle once the game launches I am ok with it.

If its like pre-Tanaan I am NOT ok with it!!!

The thing is they literally take content away from you, only to return it to you years later via a grind.

Such as sockets
You used to just HAVE sockets on every piece of gear
Now you need to grind to get 1

You used to be able to farm reps with a tabard(still a grind)
But now you have to grind AND are timegated by world quests

You used to be able to reforge bad stat gear
Now you have to spend literally 50k to respec 1 single piece of azerite

See the trend?

I could go on but I’m tired. Blizzard doesn’t even have enjoyment or fun in mind at all when designing anything in wow now.


Now that is the kind of comment I live for.

Here is your🏆.

I will agree with you on the sockets. They should be on gear or random or have jewel crafters be actually usefull because that profession really isn’t that great in BFA or SL.

I don’t mind the rep grind. Play the game and you get the rep. I got pathfinder without grinding anything may have took me a week or 2 more but I eventually got it. You don’t have to sit there and farm and farm and farm. You are making it not fun. Just play the game.

Its not 50k its 5 gold stop respecing all the damn time lol that’s your own personal problem,. There is one or 2 good traits look it up on bloodmallet and only use those. Again play the game and you will have multiple azerite pieces from Residuum and raiding you can have multiple for specs. I play a monk I use all 3 specs and never had an issue.

Grinds are fine if it’s not horrendously designed (which they have been for years), and when finishing your spec/class isn’t locked behind grinds and a timegate. Instead of making sockets a guaranteed, known quantity like it used to be, they dangle it above peoples’ heads to increase MAUs and playtime as their metric for success instead of making good content that people want to do.

I don’t think they should be doubling down on borrowed power and RNG, nor should they dangle carrots above peoples’ heads. One of the best parts of Classic is knowing how strong an item is going to be and knowing how valuable it is - that’s it. Rather than simulating to see if a particularly well rolled or high key piece is better or not.

I’m playing Classic. The grinds in retail are a joke compared to Classic. But they’re straightforward, and we can work at our own pace.