I think I'm going to cry

Why? Why force us into the Maw when the Maw is, itself, a chunk of content you haven’t bothered to make fun and engaging?


To be quite honest, I’m not even sure what this change is supposed to mean.


From what I understand, a thing you were able to run infinitely had its currency removed because it could buy player power and now the only source of that currency is in dailies in the maw.

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Because they don’t care if it is fun and engaging. Likely won’t have a majority of the content they planned for it till 9.1 at least.


You used to be able to do the infinite version of the Maw in order to earn the currency which lets you buy/upgrade conduits and socket slots.

This gave more than anything in the Maw and is more fun (though I wouldn’t call it fun). You now have to run the Maw, and the Maw is the only source.


Who’s Stygia? Is she friendly? :thinking:


No, but she is a qt


Blizzard wants us doing activities in the Maw instead of spending 24/7 grinding Torghast.

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Jesus blizzard wtf. Sending your players to live in hell for 2 years because we complained how bad everything was with bfa design.


It’ll start to get fun when the Jailer sends assassins after you.

(x) to doubt

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This sucks. Torghast is actually fun. Must be why Blizz is trying to nerf it.


Not gunna lie, this made me laugh


“Oh cool, I got all the things I needed to buy! SEEYA!”

Doesn’t play WoW until the 9.2

Kinda hard to retain customers in an MMORPG if you give everyone the option to just buy up everything in one go.


So they removed the ability to play for a week or two straight and then raid log? Is that what they did?

Seems like they want it to be a daily thing so you’ll log in more.

So what you’re saying is retail is actually boring and the only reason to play is FOMO?


And how do you propose the keep people in an MMORPG by making everything available right off to bat then just having people not play until the next patch/expansion?

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How about make a game that’s fun to play instead of requiring the player to grind endless systems to stay competitive?

It’s very telling that apparently Blizz’s master stroke of player retention is heavy time gating and simply piling more grinds on top. There’s no faith in the game underneath it all.


You unsubscribe to things you dont want to play your opinion is null go play a single player game

And isn’t the Maw where mounts don’t work, so we have to walk and run everywhere, too?

Except for that one mount that drops from Torghast but it takes like 12 hours of running it to get it or you have to get lucky with a drop from a couple of rares?

Yeah, sounds like a real hoot, sign me up, Blizz!

This hamster is ready to get going on his wheel!

/moo :cow:

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