I think I have hit a brick wall

Never fails, I have rolled many a tank, and EVERYTIME I hit 60ish, I run out of steam and cannot get out of a rut. As soon as I hit level 10, I click on Chromie time Cataclysm, and level to 60 via tanking the dungeons. Am I burning myself out? I usually end up deleting the character and start over.


There’s your problem. Roll a dice and stick to it, you might enjoy it. Or just take a break for a week or two and see what happens.


You’re caught in a loop ,jump out of it . Make another toon and play it then come back to your tank.


You can also finish leveling your tank without dungeons, the dps isn’t very far behind and you can pull 6-10 mobs at a time to make the questing go much quicker. You could even level through mining or herbalism if you feel like it!


Stormpanzer is a great warrior tank name


dont delete the 60’s. they have value.
park them outside sha of anger. or park them on any transmog/mount farm youd like.

i feel what you mean by hitting 60 and taking a deep sigh. idk if its the idea of requesting through df or something but i think that has allot to do with it.


Maybe you just like tanking low level dungeons :man_shrugging:t2:


Hit level 59 and exp lock them.

Yeah, I’ve this alt and a few others that ‘recently’ hit 70, but I don’t do any DF content on them.

I’ve got like 6 lvl 70s now.

Can’t stomach doing DF campaign and World Quests for a third time.

I just want to ‘play the game’ which is, to me, going straight into the battlegrounds queue.

And maybe some Shuffle and pet battles on the side.

Rated Solo Battlegrounds can’t come fast enough.

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If that is what you enjoy and you’re not breaking any laws, I’d say keep on rolling. You could turn off experience and hang out at certain levels.

You could stay on that tank and continue on, or do you have a slight fear of tanking end game? At one time I had a slight fear of end game tanking because leveling content is somewhat easy and I worried. I can tell you the worrying I had was self-imposed, it’s not any harder.

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You might be burning yourself out. Break it between Tanking and questing. Limit yourself to x-number of dungeons and then switch.

I don’t understand deleting the character. Are you at the 50 limit? Otherwise just leave it, it will be there when you want to play it again. Burn-out is normal.


I get it. Some of us are just wired that way.

I delete characters to prevent myself from playing them. Plus, you can always bring them back at a later date.


take a break

Probably unhealthy for you to be hitting walls.

Maybe you just like the content you are playing. As long as you are having fun, you do you.

At some point you might level higher.

If its 60ish, I think you can restore it for a long while.
I wouldnt toss 60s unless its for a good reason.

Is it maybe the classes youre playing?
I see you have a warrior. Prot warrior bores me to death since they ruined potions (used to live on Rage Potions, which I enjoyed).
Try Blood DK if you havent. Its a LOT of fun, lol

well thats it, now I want to roll a new death knight lol

Rita has provided the solution. Stop doing dungeons to level and I think you’ll have a lot more fun.

Not really, just the lack of motivation. I’m trying to push through though.