I think I done goof my catalyst

I thought we could craft any pieces we wanted to make the set. I crafted PVP boots and apparently they aren’t part of the set? If so why are they even enabled on the creation catalyst I don’t need a new skin for the same boots. Yawn I guess try again in 6 days.

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Yeah 6 days :frowning:

Tier slots are head, shoulder, chest (same as azerite armor) + arms and pants

the boots and stuff you can do that ain’t tier kind of help you get statted right when you do some of the things i think its great.


it’s okay. you get another shot Next week.

Bummer for you. That’s why there is a preview of what you will make. I guess you didn’t look at it.
Bummer lesson learned for next week I guess.


Done the same mistake, i read “craft item set” and now im waiting for a gm response, but i think i lost this one.

You 100% lost it, yes.

Mean as it might be to say, this is a learn to read issue. You get to see on the item itself what it will become if you mouse over that new item.

Yeah, I see now mate. My bad I didn’t read blizzards post to play the game.

Yeah, my bad I should have read and not trusted blizzard to make a trash system.

Did you also not read the the preview it gives you before you convert the item?

All you had to do was pay attention for 20 seconds. Luckily, you can try again next week.

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Mousing over it will show you, so you can check what the piece is that you’re creating, along with ilevel and stats. Just in case, for next time. With Blizz, it’s always best to triple check what the piece will look like. I say this as being helpful for next time, because I’d hate for you to get stuck again.

Some gms do crazy stuff, somedont, i will post if something happens.

Reading is too difficult right?


Does anyone know why it even crafts non-teir gear? Doesn’t it spit back and item the same item level whats the point >?

To complete the outfit and to reforge stats.

Some have their 4 piece already and the catalyst works from now until the end of the expansion.

A system that lets you create tier, farm transmog, and reroll stats all in one is certainly not trash.

It rerolls the stats and changes the apperance. You may personally not care about that but lot of people do… especially later down the line.


Can you please post the GM response? This could be very entertaining.

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Why do they even need that they made missives just to bring back reforging from other posts I’ve read it only gives u raid stats.