I suggest a priest protest

Anyone thats against new talents and the insulting design of priest here is my proposal.

NONE of us spec twins of the sun priest & we all PI ourselves and nobody else.

If they demand we respec and PI some pleb DPS player - we say no my priest brothers. Not until we get back our buttons.

Who’s with me?


I am in. I will be participating. 36/38 specs in the game have access to an interrupt as well.


I probably never will even if priest was god tier. It’s really not necessary for arena healing and it doesn’t really lead anywhere that makes it a mandatory talent.

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We’re really dying on a hill, here aren’t we?

The concerning things in that post were what they wanted to remove from priest and why they stated they wanted to remove them. It sounded very much like ‘we made a problem, so priests will have to pay the price.’ That’s not good to hear, obviously.

But all the changes previously to the old priest trees have been VERY good. So all this stuff about not caring about priests or something seems like a big overreaction to me.

We should be telling them that removing Shining force, Shadowmend and HW:L/Mindgames is a bad idea. But ‘protesting’ interrupts, which aren’t necessary at all seems a bit much.

Especially when the druid interrupt requires a ridiculous amount of useless talent points to get to and requires a shift to cat to even do. It’s not like theirs is super usable/reliable.


That is absolutely a mandatory talent for any arena team. Its basically bloodlust for 2 people on your team.

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I’ll just quit

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I mean, realistically, history indicates when they make priests unplayable we’ll all just quit that patch, go shaman, or go druid as the meta shifts. 8.0 and 9.0 were the worst patches I’ve seen for hpriest at least, I don’t think we’re nearly there, even for disc or shadow, though it’ll all work itself out in the tuning.

But I’d be lying if I said that 36/38 specs having the option to interrupt and the other 2 just not doesn’t fill me with concern that frankly designers that don’t even play the spec realistically are working on priest. And those that are have their usual bias towards disc in mythic cutting edge content and total blinders on for the rest of the game.


Only thing i can think of is they cant realy make an interupt for the healy priest that painful to take outside of putting it behind either a capstone or a singular say 4 node path on the shadow side of the tree and it makes it more painful there for one healy spec than another the other healy spec

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honestly it doesnt really bother me in its DF form. a couple of talent points is a lot less of an investment than an entire legendary slot. im still able to get pretty much everything else i want.

maintain focus on the #removevoidform movement, brothers and sisters.

Lol shadow is a mess. The pvp talent cartharsis with the swd talent is all your dmg.

The spec lacks identity.
At least the flow was fixed with new mindspike change.

But now we losing more defense. Class tree doesn’t even give good talents. Most for shadow is poop

What the devs have done to priest and there reasoning is completely out of line with all the others things that they’ve done.

This is the reasoning
“This class has this so you guys don’t get something you’ve already had or currently have”…?

This is a horrible horrible way to deal with these problems. I’m glad they are talking with the community and being upfront but there is no solid reason for much of these changes.


must be your first time on priest if you think they’ll tune us right for beginning of launch. History has shown us this is blatantly untrue and delusional.

People claiming tuning hasn’t happened yet clearly forgot we (almost)never get tuning right on new expansions.

Someone posted the metric of classes that always launch in good order and only warlock has a 100% success rate for tuning. So spare me.

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net dps loss if we dont have VF right now, and since they dont plan on changing it or DA before launch, I’d rather keep VF to keep a spot in dungeons and raids.

who cares if its a net dps loss right now? thats just numbers tuning and that happens last. design is the priority right now and VF has always been bad design

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History has shown us that shadowpriest rarely gets tuned properly by launch of an expansion, so I’ll worry thank you very much.

at launch theres always classes that are undertuned or overtuned. true. but the fact is VF has 0% chance of ever being tuned properly due to it being a bad design. it has literally no history of ever being tuned properly.

so take that tuning strawman youre hiding behind, and throw it in the fireplace. because its irrelevant by your own logic.

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So why even bother with it if everything is already doomed? Leave it alone. At leastt right now it’s giving us more damage. I’ll take that over nothing or more complications.

why bother removing something from the class that doesnt work? so we can have a functioning class thats fun to play. the complications literally come from voidform.

are you drunk right now?

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I’m always drunk. DA isn’t working, VF is working. They already told us they don’t “have time” for either cooldowns.
They ain’t adding another cooldown or changing those till launch until proven otherwise, so leave it alone. I’d much rather keep VF, and scrap DA and give it back once they actually have a plan.

but voidform isnt working. it has never worked. more damage=/=working

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