I Stand By Thrall!

(Spiçy) #26

Well at least she felt bad. I suppose with that in mind we can forgive our navy torched, our city invaded, and our king being killed


Don’t put words into my mouth. Rastakhan was my favorite character in this expansion, and I’m still bitter about losing him because of (Troll Anduin) Talanji.

Please don’t quote me out of context, and quote the real things that matter (Second part of the post).

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I didnt put a single word in your mouth. You specifically stated

Thats a direct quote from you. The rest was purely my sarcasm stating idc how she felt, it doesnt excuse how i feel about her

(Twibiju) #29

And then she gets all corrupted even more and becomes a raid boss.

This sounds familiar…


And it wasn’t meant to be an excuse. I elaborated on it further in the part below it. That is why I said you are putting words in my mouth, and that is also why I said you are quoting me out of context.

(Spiçy) #31

What am i suppose to make of this statement other than it being an excuse for her actions?

Edit: bad wording. What im saying is why does your statement mean that we should be working with her despite what she had just done?

(Chosen) #32

Thrall is just one letter away from being the all.


Okay, first thing, what your original post did was make it seem like the only excuse was that “she felt bad.” When it wasn’t.

By staying the Alliance’s hand shows that Jaina doesn’t seek to destroy the Horde outright. And after what Baine had done, we have now gained Jaina’s trust in overthrowing Sylvanas.

(Spiçy) #34

and I dont want her hand in anything. I dont care if she felt bad, or if she spared us

Still Raided our city
Still destroyed our navy
Still Killed our king

I dont want to be forced to work with my enemy which is what these notes are implying


Well, I could say that the Alliance doesn’t want to work with us, the same people who burned down Teldrassil.

Welcome to World of Warcraft.


Long live Metze…I mean Thrall!!

Thrall is and always will be my definition of Warchief, great to see him back! Lok’tar!

(Spiçy) #37

and i wouldnt blame them at all for it. Forced faction hand holding when it doesnt make any sense looks bad


Traitors everywhere.

(Spinster) #39

Personally I would love to see Thrall create a third faction. He is the guy who could do it.

(Grathok) #40

I don’t think that Thrall is a good choice for leader, any more than Baine or Saurfang are. Baine never had the stones to stand up directly against anyone until only recently, and Saurfang has been obsessed with his own “honorable death” for far too long to be effective at preserving the Horde. Thrall abdicated the title of Warchief in order to put Garrosh in the big seat, because he thought (incorrectly) that the brown-skinned brute could lead the Horde into something other than inept ruin. He had bigger fish to fry saving the world and all, sure, but afterward, after literally standing against Garrosh with everyone else, he decided to leave everything behind.
I mean, I can’t say I blame him, he had a new child and wife and a life to kind of explore, and some soul-searching to do. He decided to put his own life and family before the possible needs of the Horde, which he left in Vol’jin’s capable hands (though we unfortunately lost him to plot development hell afterward). But Thrall proved that he didn’t really want the job, which is fair enough.
Still, I’ll support anyone in their bid to depose Sylvanas, who is currently tied with Garrosh as being the worst and most ineffective leader the Horde has ever seen, and tied with Vol’jin as being the biggest waste of a character’s arc ever in Warcraft history. :stuck_out_tongue:

I disagree; I never saw, save for literally once, Garrosh act in any way that could be considered “promising” as a Warchief, or even a leader of any kind. :stuck_out_tongue: Literally, other than Stonetalon, he was a rage-blinded bipolar maniac who first spent his days staring morosely into a campfire while his kin were being slaughtered by ogres, and later was promoted to general on the strength of his father’s legacy alone. He went on to impotently kick over some toys in the basement of the fortress he ineptly built on a Nerubian nest after impatiently landing on a cursed stretch of Kvaldir-haunted beach, both of which lost him a lot of troops. Later he caused a further rift between the Horde and Alliance by insulting the latter during the Argent Tournament, causing more troops that had come to fight Arthas to die in the process. By the time the Cataclysm took place (with Stonetalon again the outlier), he was firmly entrenched against Vol’jin and Sylvanas, literally threatening the former. He crashed ships into literally everything from krakens in Vashj’ir to dragonflames over the Twilight Highlands in repeated attempts to fight the Alliance even though Deathwing’s forces were literally burning down the world around him.

(Grathok) #41

Traitors against who? The murderous, inept banshee-despot that currently helms the Horde, who orders the murder and massacre of friendly forces and subjects on the regular? She betrayed Thrall’s morals on which the Horde was founded, Vol’jin’s morals that were guiding the Horde when she took over, her allies when she ordered the Blight to be shot indiscriminately across the battlefield at Undercity, and literally her own people the Forsaken when she executed any who had gone to reunite with their living families, and when she blighted their home city to try and spite the invading Alliance, and when she caused that invasion by going off the deep end to spite a single dying soldier on the field of victory. And when she violated literally the very first and most important tenet of the Forsaken, that they freely choose to follow her.

She betrayed the Horde and the entire world when she started seeking power to preserve her own life above all else in Stormheim, immediately abandoning the fate of the planet to Khadgar and various and sundry other leaders who were uniting in a last-ditch defense while she was making power plays with the forces of undeath. She’s a traitor to the Horde of the worst kind, because even though Garrosh was an inept idiot, he still did what he did in an imbecilic attempt to preserve the Horde. Sylvanas would gladly sacrifice the entire thing to keep her soul out of the Shadowlands, and she’s demonstrated that over and over again.

(Akaraven) #42


Also, where on earth did you hear that? Or are you starting rumours so the Horde will rise up and expect him to be back and give Blizzard no alternative but to do so?

(Sinelus) #43

You mean she can bring death to everything she touches and fool the horde into thinking she isn’t using them for selfish purposes? Why can’t you see she started this war, not for the horde, but secret motives?

(Taladorei) #44

Sylvanas. Just because thrall’s showing up doesn’t mean he’s taking back the mantle of warchief. I hope he isn’t.


Honestly, I hate both sides. I’m pissed that Sylvanas is basically Arthas at this point. You’d think that she might have noticed by now, but apparently not. On the other hand though, Thrall has left us several times. He worked so hard to establish the Horde in a decent light during WC3, and won’t even visit to check and make sure that the Warchief isn’t freaking crazy. Now before people go off on me about him wanting to spend time with his family, the beginning zone in WoD for Horde is with his AU parents that stick together because there is war. Despite the chances to make things worse by having family with you, you won’t have to worry about underhanded tactics that would capture them at home. I’m glad that Saurfang is showing some resistance to the Alliance though.