I see everyone talking about Ques but

What am I doing wrong? I have been logged into my server since launch, but all I get is World Server is Down. While my buddy sitting 2 feet from me is logged in an almost lvl 10 on the same server.

your layer crashed probably.

What does that mean? lol since it crashed it will never restore? It’s been almost 4 hours

Ditto. My wife is level 6 and I got in for exactly 30 seconds before Blizzard DC’d me. Blizzard failed to allocate enough resources to make a smooth launch. Not sure why I’m surprised.


there was a blue post about fixing this issue a while ago. probably still working on it.

Oh? You have a link by chance? I couldn’t find anything. Would be much appreciated

It’s a complete lack of preparation…

They were not…prepared.

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Log out and play tomorrow. Night

Thank you sir! Cheers!

Wait who’s talking about me?

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With pacific time people coming on the queues on all servers have been rocketing up.

But I fixed the world server down error by going to change realm, reselect the realm i wanted, and I got right in. But that was before ALL the servers had queues (pagle). It might boot ya and put ya into a queue.

Can’t risk that lmao…wish I could

well not playing in a queue is really the same as not playing because of an error.

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They did not fail, they did not mean for a smooth launch. You should not be surprised, they are living off the hype, and that sucks, but it is working. Still love ya Blizz. <3

So what you’re saying is that Blizzard cares absolutely nothing for customer service. Good to know they fail at multiple aspects of business.