I really want to like the LFG tool

After using it the last few days, this tool needs some tuneups.

Few improvements to be made:

It’s incredibly difficult to tell which role people are playing. Either people don’t choose correctly, or it defaults to tank.

Everyone’s name is the same color, and you have to look at a tiny icon next to their name to find out their class. Just change their name to their class color. Such an easy update.

My level doesn’t update. Says I’m 31 when I’m 39. People don’t invite me to cath because they think I am 31. Well I’m not. Tried logging out and everything. So far there is no fix.

Those are the three glaring issues I’ve seen so far.


They did some small updates yesterday apperently.

I am on right now and my Hpal is once again defaulted to Tank when I have constantly forced it to healer.
It’s the same as the LFG tool. It keeps resetting.
Like I wanna like it too because it’s all we got but it’s so bootycheeks man lol.

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Oh nice didn’t see this.

But on yeah these fixes are fine I guess… but still a long way to go.

Me being balance druid. Que up for all the outlands 5 mans as DPS.

Everyone else. “wanna tank RoB?”

M: “na, I’m que’d for what I want to do”

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They really need to swallow their pride, pull the plug on this disaster, and give us the authentic RDF from Wrath.


Yeah, that supposed fix isn’t fixed.
They didn’t fix it since it still defaults back lol.
Tried it myself again.

It’s a disaster. I tried it on Beta but it even feels worse here on live lol.
I rather have TBC tool…

Lol imagine having 2 working options RDF and retail LFG. And giving us this instead


I give it a month or two after launch and either all posts from people who were praising lfg tool will either be making posts asking to just put in RFD or RFD will be in by Blizz.

Although the Blizzard spite and not wanting to go back on something already implemented, I doubt they will.

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zero chance we ever see RDF in WOTLK classic.

If youre going to force the LFG tool thats fine, just make it not be a complete turd

I agree with those who say it’ll never be in Wrath. Their pride just means more than anything. And they’re willing to sacrifice Wrath and just say, “But we’re trying to recreate the spirit of Classic!” which we all know is total BS. Most of their changes are in complete conflict with their supposed reasons for removing RDF.

TBC tool was trash too. Just put the original Dungeon Finder tool from wrath.

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They really should have just used M+. There’s no reason not to.

Some changes make sense, because back then some things were just really overlooked. Trying to MAKE a LFG to ‘fit the time’, I mean, I get it, but frustrating folks with an ugly aesthetic and buggy interface does them no favors.

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Completely agree.

The best fix they could do for this tool is to make it not a requirement to talk in the looking for group channel. Most people using the looking for group tool are just using it so they can chat and are not interested in looking for a group. Whoever designed that is probably somewhat retarded.

A big brain response would be to simply make a default global channel for people to chat in – like, what’s the problem? Just do it already sheesh.

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