I really need to find an RP guild

I’ve been playing WoW long enough to get ‘tired’ of it if I don’t have an active guild with whom I can roleplay.

This has happened several times before. i resub after a long hiatus, grind away at whatever content is current, and then…lose interest. Hardcore.

I’ll join a guild Horde or Alliance side (I’ll be honest though, I’m drawn to Alliance more). I usually try for military style guilds but now I’m just looking for something active and interesting…

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Have you checked out the Discord? I do believe there are also guilds that may fit what you’re looking for that have active topics if you wanna reach out to one of them!

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All I can help with is Horde, so I’ll write a little blurb:

Well, I’d say to try your luck at some of the more social guilds that are prominent, at least on Horde-side. The way you worded it implies that you have some fatigue with a militaristic setting, but I would say that all the military guilds the Vol’kar interacts with has far more depth than what forum posters imply. i.e. it’s not all about rank, power, honor, formations, killing, etc - anyhow.

First step is checking out the Horde directory. WrA Information & Directories (Guilds | Communities | Events)

Firebrand Enterprises and Brightmoon Faire are always good first stops.

For Alliance, I wish I could help out more, but there is no Alliance directory, and for that to happen there needs to be initiative to revive it. However (hey look Baitan just responded) checking out the various discord(s) is a good next step for networking.

Shaureyne linked it in another thread with a better explanation, since I’m not actually in that discord.


What’s the Discord?


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Thank you.

Hm, just some advice that I’ve received from others as well. Be wary of military guilds, I’m sure there are good ones out there, but I’ve been told they have a tendency to turn sour. However, I wouldn’t know since my expertise doesn’t fall there.

Join my horde military guild alliance character we will not hurt you I promise :crossed_fingers:t2: