I really do feel bad for new players to classic. It's no longer a game worth playing without gold

I made an alliance alt on another realm just to level up again on a new faction for some fun and I quickly became aware of how miserable the levelling experience is if you dont have a main on the server. I really do feel bad for new players who aren’t prepared for just how bad levelling has become.

Every server theres almost nothing but people asking or selling dungeon boosts for gold (exclusively mages) for an obscene amount of gold. 15G for a maraudon reset. 10g for a Scarlet Monestary reset. Its actually very upsetting that theres almost no legitimate players who run dungeons with people their own level and yes, i did try to make my own group.

People who start this game don’t sign up for that. I feel terrible for new players and it’s because of the abhorrent amount of boosting in classic that I don’t see the game having a long life span. I really do believe that this game will die our rapidly after naxx. There’s no staying power in a game where the only way to level is by paying mages to aoe mobs down.

Even I, who is fully aware that there’s boosting in classic, was pretty dejected and demotivated to level over just how hard it is to find people who are actually my level and want to run a dungeon. It’s rampant, over the top and is horrible for the game. I hate boosting. And I know that it will be around till the game dies.

I just remember the release week (or two) of classic release where literally EVERYONE was doing dungeons and making groups and doing quests together. I feel so terrible for new players that they will never get to experience that. It’s just so sad what this game has become. And I hope that mages who boost low lvls reading this post feel ashamed of themselves. Even though i know that they wont. Even though i know that the first response to this thread is going to be some kind of one sentence “gotcha” remark where they try and justify boosting being in the game.

I couldn’t imagine being a noobie in classic and trying to level up…withouth any knowledge of what they were in for. …


It’s a game, an old one at that. Not everyone is gonna have the same experience.

Boosting is pretty lame, but at the end of the day, nothing stays or lasts forever.


I don’t understand. All of classic is unlocked to you new players. Don’t have to wait for anything.


The leveling experience is certainly different now than it was at launch.

It would be cool if they released seasonal servers with the option to transfer off.


You can always do it the oldschool way, grind and quest.


I use to think the exact same thing as you.

I then rolled on Grobbulus and made a undead Rogue and have had just as much fun as I did when the game came out. Im finding groups even at 2am.
Im level 54 right now but dang OP are you wrong.


The original game was never intended to experience perpetual growth. There was no provision made to encourage newcomers to replace existing players who left. No catch up. It was assumed that most people would start at the beginning and play along with everybody else.

Alot of this is going to depend on the server you roll on. If you play a very high pop server your going to run into alot more boosters and less alts. Smaller population servers especially PvE servers have far less boosting lots of alts.

On bloodsail bucc I can basically find a group for anything 30+ regularly during the normal server time hours (im pacific its EST).

Eh it’s still way different though. I just recently hit sixty with this Rogue and it really felt pretty deserted the whole way. I remember leveling my first toon on classic during p1 and how awesome and fun it was. My second 60 I leveled during phase 2, and it was still really booming. This time? I was really saddened by the lack of world encounters. PvP was really minimal, it was torture finding a dungeon group. It felt like a solo game.

not even private servers had this problem i think retail guys leaked into classic :frowning:

Its player base issue. Theres just not enough numbers of new players or players who want to level. The wave is over leveling pkayers is over and now its just stagnated trickle.

This is why dps queues are long in retail dungeon finder (more people play dps and queue as dps). But, say what you will about retail, theres generally not that problem in retail while leveling b.c of the finder.

Classic has more restrictions on who to group with but it does not have near endless supply of people leveling toons. Thats why boosting became so popular. They dont want to level “properly” on the xth alt (for those who level sone characters) .

Tldr- there just not an influx of new people to pick up leveling. The main wave has passed. You might get one for nax announce/opening, but most of the people playing classic are already max.


I’ve found dungeon groups for everything so far, maybe bad luck with the server

… did you read what said? What’s not to understand?

I mean I did run dungeon groups, but it was really like pulling teeth trying to get it together.

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Yep. It’s pretty fun actually, and I get the odd dungeon in, too.

This is absolutely a server related issue. I didn’t ever see a single dungeon boost until February when my guild moved off AR and transferred to Fairbanks. Every server is different big guy. The sky isnt falling.

So because you’ve been on two different servers, every single server operates under the same umbrella? That doesn’t make any sense.

So, this is the “leveling experience” you’re talking about. I wouldn’t constitute Dungeons as the heart of the “leveling experience”, personally.

Outside of Trade and LFG Channels? How long were you recruiting for?

IDK about you, but I’m not interested in spamming Dungeons, all day. I’m out in the world (outside of LFG and Trade Chat Channels), Questing. Part of the “Dungeon Experience” is that it’s not meant to be easy nor spammed. They’re “do them if, you can”, type of thing. So many leveling guides out there to help Players reach max level without the need to form a Group. Not that I’m against Grouping. It’s just not required to level.

Um, it’s not the only way to level. I don’t need a Mage to AoE Mobs down, for me, when I can Quest perfectly fine, on my own.

You’ll have to be more specific. But, yes. Gathering legit Dungeon Groups is difficult to form because Dungeons are supposed to be a rare commodity. Not something to be easily spammed, all day.

Well, the “influx” is going to “die out”, but that doesn’t mean Groups are not still forming. Just two days ago, I was still able to gather a 4-man team, together, for the “Insane Druids” Quest (normally advised to be skipped, by Leveling Guides), out in Ashenvale. I advertised in General Chat and invited, when I saw another on the same Quest. I doubt you’re just focusing on Questing, though. You seem pretty heated over the lack of being able to Dungeon.

What has it “become” exactly? That you’re not able to spam Dungeons? I don’t get it.

I’m assuming you mean “paid” boosting. I’ve ran some people through some dungeons if they’re 1) a friend, 2) asked nicely or 3) I offered.

Well, that’s the point of being a “noobie” is to not know what you’re getting into. My guess is, Questing and not spamming Dungeons, all day.


I feel like it’s a good opportunity to point out that this is exactly why pservers are all “seasonal”… Servers getting “top heavy” is, and has been, a known problem, even dating back to actual OG vanilla, that many of the forum goers here where simply oblivious to.

If you think it’s bad now, just wait until the post Naxx era before TBC launch… People just more or less completely give up on the game, knowing TBC will come soon… Even keeping naxx raiders invested is actually fairly challenging at that point. And god help anyone who opts to stay on Classic once TBC actually launches, if they have “keep your character, but in Vanilla” as an option (which, for the record, I don’t believe should even be an option, but that’s a separate topic).

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#1 reason why people make these kinds of forum posts is because they are hoping other people will be as disappointed as they were once classic didnt meet their exact requirements for being what they expected


I disagree completely. I guess it depends on what is “fun” to you.

After 10 months on low-pop servers, I just spent several weeks on 3 high-pop servers. On each one, I started a new character and leveled that character from 1 to 40. It was a blast! It was fun! I started out with no gold (on each server), and was able to afford a mount by the time I reached 40.

I found out that (on high-pop servers) LFG has many boosting offers. On low-pop servers, there are none. But on all servers you can still find leveling groups. It is hard (on any server) to find the ONLY dungeon that is your level, and a group that needs YOUR role, right now. But that’s normal. That is what Vanilla was like.

Let’s face it – the first few weeks of Classic were NOT normal. NO game is like that. Vanilla was not like that. If that is the ONLY thing that is fun for you…:cry: :cry: :cry:

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