I played hpal this week and it is in a bad spot

I was a bit behind so I finally got the two piece today- i was hoping for some HPS help

But so far, hpal is nothing like last season. the healing is abysmal and i run out of CDs very fast. of course, I have some CDs to help keep me in the game for a little. However, even if I am spam casting heals, I can never keep up with DPS. Once I run out of CDs, We lose.

Rdruid, Rshams, MW, and Evokers are easily outhealing me - just to try and keep up I am sweating pressing so many GCDs per minute.

we need 10-15% healing increase.

I am running heavy mastery right now based on some of the top hpals - is there anything i can do different?


I’m struggling. 1650 max for me so far.

I try rotate cds like.
Glimmer everyone, Daybreak, Wings + Divine Toll to reglimmer.
Sac into
Auramaster into
Daybreak + Toll again
Then bops lay bubble
Then Sac again

But the damp just gets too much for me I feel.

Oh and some of that -100% blind thing in there too if i can.

The tier seems trash too and thats even before the -50% nerf it gains in pvp.


Yea through put is weak, holy shock is weak. Outside of cooldown windows it feels hard to top off teammates even outside of enemy goes. Sac nerf sucks. 2 set added like 5 percent overall healing, didnt help alot. 4 set is just bad and doesnt help at all.

Only time holy pally feels bad to me is vs a good disc priest, When im fighting anything else i do pretty good. My last two games i went 5-1 and gain 0 rating and 2nd game i went 4-2 and also gain 0 rating so I guess the game doesn’t want me to go over 2k.

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I really hope not.

Agreed, Hpally needs buffs.
If I’m absolutely pumping heals, the amount of heals it takes to fill one health bar is ridiculous.
Meanwhile, other healers are still doubling my heals.
Also the Tier set for pvp is a bummer to me, I currently don’t even spec into “Daybreak,” and there’s no alternative Tier buff.

Honestly, hpal feels pretty solid overall rn. I think losing last seasons 2 piece really hurt our holy shocks, so holy shock could probably use a solid 10-15% buff, but I wouldn’t touch anything else really. Mana is also really strong since the regen buff. Sure we’re not rdruid, but we’re not unplayable either. I’d say we’re in a pretty solid, competitive spot.

[quote=“Olmag-boulderfist, post:6,
I currently don’t even spec into “Daybreak,”

If this is true, please spec into it. Daybreak is seriously our best healing cd and it gives back mana

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I find just healing more than the opposing healer, while also doing more damage and having my team take less damage helps alot

If you not spec daybreak thats a 100% your problem. It’s like saying I’m going to play a holy pally and take holy shock off bars then say holy pally isn’t strong. But honestly that’s not even your only problem, idk why you have so much haste gear.

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