I need help getting my extra bag spaces

i added and successfully set up an authenticator to my account finally. i did this completely logged out of the game and without CS resources available to me.

works great. very easy to use. my question is what do i do now?
i log in, i still have to click plus icon and then it directs me to the FAQ in my browser with only links to set up the authenticator.
all information on my account page shows one already active on the account.
please help

You need to add a SMS to your account as well as the mobile authenticator.


Darth’s absolutely correct :slight_smile:

If you need a link to help you get it setup Meroco, here’s one to the Support Article:


ok done.
did it completely logged out of the game and battlenet app too.
log back in to only go back into loop. still no added bag spaces.

Not sure what to tell you i knwo some classic players were having issues not sure what the solution was.

Give it a bit to update - I know when those were first available it took something like an hour for my bag spaces to show up.



It can take up to 30 minutes after both security features have been added before your extra backpack slots are available —log out of the game and back in if they don’t unlock. If you wait 30 minutes and still can’t use the extra slots after relogging, reset your user interface to resolve any possible conflicts with addons.


ok for anyone to that might come across this thread…

you must manually activate notifications in your security settings for the change to take effect. activating and confirming SMS protection did not automatically select this for me in my account settings.
thank you all for your help.


Happy bag spaces! :sunflower:


Give the system a little time to update. As long as you have an authenticator and sms you have done everything correct on your side

Edit. Too late. Glad you are good to go OP

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