I miss the old Penance sound effect. Give us a glyph for it?

The old Penance was great, it had so much “umph”. The new penance just sounds like you’re just spraying glitter dust around.

Please give us a glyph for “old” Penance… and also, old Shadowform while you’re at it!


The new sound effects for both Smite and Penance are extremely muffled and subdued.

I too miss the older sound effects of both of them. They sounded way more “Holy”? I suppose? Like I was cleansing my target with Holy burning light.

Now it sounds like I’m throwing a tennis ball at someone.

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There use to be a way you could add old sound effects, I remember I did it when I wanted the classic hunter gun noises, I presume there might be an option to find the old priest penance sound files.

Sadly Blizzard has made it much harder, and it’s not the same, as there are volume/pitch/fade-in/fade-out modifications made which aren’t present in the raw sound file.

Things like this is why I’ve all but quit the game. Not planning on renewing my 6 month sub when it comes up this time.