I miss MoP

My hate for pandas ruined my experience through it. You never know when you’re living in the best time until it’s over. :sob:

I really enjoyed MOP but I also don’t have rose colored glasses and remember it had some serious issues as well. Stun locked for days in PvP comes to mind.

Careful. According to some in this thread, subscriber numbers trump any positive response you might have, and somehow objectively make MoP the worst expansion.

I swear, classic WoW is the gutter of this playerbase.

There will never be another zone as awesome as the Isle of Thunder.

MoP had a ton of subs though … peaked almost to peak Wrath numbers and then plateaued around Cata and throughout the entire xpac was much higher than anything following, including launches.

And those numbers are despite the HUGE panda hate. MoP was incredibly successful objectively from any monetary PoV.

Mop was a lot of fun, it took a while to get going, i’d say 5.2 is where it really hit it stride and the dailies on launch were just awful, but I’d take running heroic scenarios to cap weekly valor any day over running weekly islands to not really cap azerite.

the hate it gets is simply from children crying about kung fu pandas though I will agree pandaren were handled horribly they were made into a complete joke race or horribly holier than thou which didn’t help.

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If anything, the solitary thing that killed WoW to where it it’s gotten is all of those lore fanboys that MoP hated just because of pandas.


spot on. agree 100%

You mean the daily simulator expansion?

Have players really forgotten that you had to grind dailies for weeks just to unlock anther factions dailies?

Players can barely handle unlocking PF.

at least that ended, the azerite grind never did, nor has any AP since it’s exitence, I’d rather have a daily check list than an endless black void of time and effort, at least after a month or so you’d be done with the daily grind. with AP the grind never really ends. by SoO it’s not like you had to do timeless island, and IoT, and horde/alliance 5.1, and all of pandaria’s original dailies. to earn power. nor did you have to endlessly grind scenarios unlike islands

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I just want my hounds of Fel back okay? Bring back glyphs, and gigantic bosses, but mostly class flavor glyphs.

The mists of vulpera where the noble vulperian foxes fought back against their gluttonous pandaren overlords who destroyed the island by eating everything in sight.

I miss maining a healer and playing Mistweaver. Such good times with good people.

MOP felt like it wasn’t just cobbled together. Somehow the design was important too, not just making a profit. Those days seem long gone. We’ve entered Gimmickville.

Slow down, life is to be savored!

Peppers!!! More peppers!!!

I love GD.

Back in MoP we called for Ghostcrawlers head.

Now we beg for him back.

What we got narratively, the devs/writers should stop trying to reinvent what the previous did ten times better.

id be down. if it has to be one expansion make it the final one. make sure to give us the most absurd stats beyond even that of legion.

The equal ilvl honor/conquest gear was the best part. Sucks these new conquest vendors require rating for ilvl.

Soundtrack in MoP was my favorite too!

MoP was the best modern expansion by far.