I made Painbreaker Pslam

I set myself back a few weeks. Didnt I? :confused:

I was just coming to ask about Painbreaker Psalm for PvP. DOn’t really like Sep and been using Shadowflame. I want to use Void Torrent again so was thinking of switching to Painbreaker Psalm if the damage was good enough.

At ilevel 194 in pve, it hits for an extra 2k. I dont think its affected by the 20% execute range though. The real value i think is the 30insanity for more plagues.

It’s really bad. You’re better off just using sephuz for the stats and cc reduction.

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The 80 stats is so small. That is 1% or less. Just not worth it. For PvP only good for the decrease CC but I don’t do arena anymore. RBGs and BGs it isn’t worth it. Need burst but we don’t have anything that is good for burst besides Shadowflame :frowning:

Pain breaker is good if you have the ilvl to support it, sephuz is hands down the best shadow legendary, but painvreaker, measured contemplation, and twins are all usuable as well.

I like pain breaker in pvp for its ability to do 5k more damage to people that use HP/health increases that keep them in death range.