I like these forums

Ah me too. I can finally use the screen controls in FF for Android on my BB K1.

Totally agree, found it more easy and simple to navigate at least on my phone haha

Taking a little getting used to, but they seem pretty good to me. The instant notifications when people reply to my posts is very cool!

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Who doesn’t like emojis :sunglasses:

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I dont mind them considering I can post and haven’t had an active sub in months.
Yo Blizz I think you got a bug

Yeah they responded to that already.

Yeah they are apparently working on fixing that

Figured that would be the case but I’m just surprised they let this one slip past them.

Then again this is Blizzard do I shouldn’t be THAT surprised.

Nah i hate em. Format feels too janky - I probably won’t ever get used to this. The old forums felt a lot cleaner.


Why do they not have a link built into their main site yet? If youre on worldofwarcraft.com it takes you to the old “read only” forums. Its annoying on my phone, fix plz

I agree.I like also the live preview window and all the wonderful emojis.

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I agree also. The format is a good update. Plus the emojis are freakin awesome.


I really like them too. I just wish the background was a different color or that we had an option to change the color.

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I like them for the most part too.

I really enjoy that Blizzard is modernizing their website. You could notice a good number of changes happen in Legion. Now they have moved their forums to using the Discourse forum software, which is a huge boon… in my opinion. I’m actually really excited to continue playing around and seeing what new features Blizzard brought over, and exactly how they’ve integrated their framework into Discourse!

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I thought they’d change the color. Kinda glad they didn’t :slight_smile:
Also, Emojis! :smiley: :blush: :grin:

It’s not bad, and I’m getting used to it. But there are some idiosyncrasies. I haven’t figured out how to quote-reply, which is annoying. And there are some navigation glitches…for instance, if you click an avatar and it leads to a non-public profile, I haven’t found how to return to the thread. No navigation controls, no “back” link, and browser “back” functionality doesn’t work. (Android 8.1, most recent mobile FireFox.)

At least the JavaScript is less touch sensitive, so I can scroll without unintentionally opening threads or char profiles.

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I agree, no issues with it. They seem to load faster too.

I believe it is for the ‘transitional’ phase of moving from the old forums to this new one. They will integrate everything together once they have fully transitioned and addressed any issues.

I only like the emotes. :pig2: