I know another topic like this but funny

ya i have done the whole premade av for like a week on and off doing av when i can and dont feel like boring myself to death.

i gotta say, its not all its cracked up to be.

of the 20 or so premades ive ran with i would say for certain weve won less than half of the matches.

ill try to explain how it usually goes for those who dont understand how it works or just believe the wrong thing about it.

first theres a bot that on a 5 min (i think)? interval with announce “open your battle master window now” and then will count down from 10 and youre supposed to queue when they get to 0 and say “queue now”.

then you queue of course (i always wait 1 more second before i queue) then you get your number pop up on the screen with an enter battle button in game (you know the deal).

what you do next in the discord ive been using is type !29 (the number 29 av in this case) and it auto sorts you in a channel in discord. the discord auto tracks people sorted by role in whichever channel they are in and has a master list with time the game has been open and everything.

you get in the channel and if enough people are in the channel to make a balanced group whoever is leading will call out to take or leave the queue. (more on “leaders” in a sec.) if you are called to not take the queue the whole process starts over and you wait for the bot to announce to queue again.

if you do get in a group that they deem might be successful, you accept the queue and are then at the whims of whoever might be leading.

it could be a brilliant master of tactics or it could be a drooling idiot who cant adapt the plan to the battle.

of course this means its not a given on which tactic we will use or if the game will end up with the horde curbstomping the players in a less than good lead game .

i can say its better rep per hour in premades cause they actually try compared to the random pugs ive ran with as well that dont seem to have any faction pride and just let themselves get rolled.

but its not by much.

anyways thanks for reading. i hope this has enlightened some.

Sounds like doing AV premades is like clocking into a job.

I already have one of those, no thanks.

Considering that most Alliance PUGs are losing close to 100% and very many of them are getting beaten so badly that you get nearly no rep or honor I’d say that it’s a lot better than “not by much”.

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it is . but its the only way you can get into one as alliance that has any expectations to win.

otherwise its “let them win fast” and then the horde does the opposite when most of the team is laying down and letting them cap and draws out the process by farming relentlessly for kills.

ya i should probably ammend that. ahh well. its just not as rainbows and sunshine as people think it is is all im getting at.

Thanks for sharing.

Unfortunately you probably won’t get much sympathy here. Even from the Alliance, because every time you guys refused that queue, a bunch of people that did take it got screwed.

I probably won’t even play much AV until this meta is over. I hate the Alliance zerg, even as Alliance.

i think after i get the rep i will chill on bgs for a while, the current meta kills it for me.