I keep changing layers or shards during dream seeds

I know its not the end of the world but all morning half of my dreamseed planting phases complete and i end up on a different layer I guess once it completes and I cannot loot because the spawn resets. I am standing at the dreamseed its not like I wander off. Any fix for this?

The only thing I have noticed is , if you plant by Amadrissil camp during Superbloom, sometimes the seed gets phased. The one by the Quest ancient and the one across the lake do this to me if I am close. Also the emerald frenzy sometimes phases them out. On rare occasions I fly over at a later time and the bulb is there again.

In this case it is not by superbloom it can be any. and happened numerous times right when it was supposed to drop the bulb. and I get a fresh empty spawn for a new seed

i agree, it is SOOOO annoying! Sharding doesnt work the way it should.

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Its just not dream seeds I am sharding out on bosses like disciple of fyrak how do I get anything done.

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