I just tried subtlety for the first time and

it is really fun! idk there is just something about it that is more fun than the other two specs assassination and outlaw. those two are not bad but subtlety is just way more fun.

why do you think this is?


behold: the target audience of the ruined trash nu-Rogue edition of Subtlety Rogue


Behold, the approaching 4 year long temper tantrum.

Get over it already Shoe. We aren’t going back to the old sub any more than shadow priests are going back to the arcane power dark archangel cata incarnation, or warlocks going back to the MoP era design for demo or destro.

At least you’ve finally apparently learned to vote with your playtime and jumped ship to classic to express your dissatisfaction, it was just getting sad watching you spend all day whining about how much you hated retail rogue design, and then still sit around playing it.



The nu-Rogue Subtlety design is absolute garbage.

Hamfisted, cringe inducing, Fisher-Price garbage.

It is an insult to the entire legacy of our class.


I don’t know what’s more embarrassing the fact that the current form of sub’s class fantasy is as bad as it is or the fact that the spec isn’t even half finished quite literally missing aoe abilities and mechanics that others classes and other rogue specs have.

I am a glad you enjoyed it, I was a fan of how it was in mid legion before they revamped it. Once they changed i just went to assassination. I currently raid in sin but do keys in outlaw. The nice thing about rogue is that there is always one spec that is doing great but that spec is normally really high up on the overall damage dealer lists

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