I just realized something

The plot of Shadowlands involves us, the main character, getting transported to a land that’s mysterious and magical, even more so than Azeroth already is. It’s completely unlike any place we’ve been before and, if I understand correctly, we arrive in the Shadowlands more or less by accident.

…Shadowlands is an Isekai.

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Meh. We don’t suddenly wake up there after a death/near-death experince.

Warcraft Truck-kun:

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Hmm. Not entirely wrong, I guess.

Our characters aren’t really mundane enough to qualify, though - part of Isekai is the wish-fulfillment of going from being normal to suddenly being extraordinary.

Another part of Isekai is having some kind of unfair advantage - does being the only living things qualify?

I mean…a lot of us did wish for BFA to end and to get far away from it…

Wouldn’t it be great to wake up in 10.0 right after the Vindikaar crashed into Azeroth knocking us unconsious and revealing the whole BFA and SL crap was just a mere dream?

Always felt that playing WOW itself was the Isekai.