I just ran TotT +5 - it was awful

I did fine on a 2 and 4 of the key; but the 5 nearly undid me. The final gauntlet to the last boss where you have the respawning adds and the aquablasting trash… At the end of the gauntlet I’d spent everything I had (Treants, flourish, wild bloom.) Nature’s Swiftness was on CD, my Cenarion Ward was cast on the tank to keep someone alive.
I miss my ‘oh sh–’ Traquility. I miss flourish actually critting with any worth. I miss better control. Why does Rejuv feel so unneccessary to cast by itself? Unless you stack it with Nature’s Swiftness and a Swiftmend it’s hardly worth anything.
Feeling defeated tbh. Healing is far more difficult than expansion’s past.

You are really low ilevel for mythic 4 or 5.

The gear even 20+ gives you is more than 20 ilevel your current gear.

Yeah, as Arbors said above you’re only 420. You can get better quest blues in the new zone than what you have equipped now.

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It wasn’t on this druid - it was on another with IL 437. This druid is reserved for forum posting now.


Unfortunately, Resto Druid is broken.

Is there hope of a class tuning pass to happen? We were so good in S1. I took a break in S2 and come back for S3 to feel totally different. I don’t really like the playstyle of the treants but was willing to learn. But honestly, healing on my r druid is more difficult/stressful than on my mw monk. I think I’ll just stick to MW unless they buff some things.

Resto Druids are crazy strong in mythic+

Well that gauntlet is hell if your tank runs it like its a timewalking event. You can’t barrel through it anymore. DPS has to watch the stacks of the debuff and stop AOEing if they get too high since the debuff comes when they die.

When I tank it, I’ll pull to each ‘group’, kill the main group and then clear the debuffs. Tanks need to control the DPS as much as they can. If the group is clearing debuffs as they go, the gauntlet isn’t too bad. But if people are ignoring it, on fortified weeks…its pure hell. I don’t heal ToTs on fortified weeks with a pug group.

Resto druids running +26 and +27’s. OP is just bad and genuinely doesn’t know how to play their class, that or their group was tremendously trash and couldn’t even complete a +5.

Thats kinda … rough. People have different skill levels, ever consider that?


I’ve played r druid since Cata. Never has it been this dumb of a build to rely on pets to do my job. Yes, the group I was in was bad. Yes, the tank ran the guantlet in two stops instead of making more to interrupt aquablasts. Yes, I OOMed and ran out of castable spells.
But we completed and timed that 5. It just was hell and I vented about it since the playstyle has changed since S1.
I’ve since spent more time doing keys - and guess what, higher levels than 5s believe it or not. And have adjusted talents to fit my playstyle and not the cookie cutter build most are playing. And it is working for me.
And thank you for your unhelpful and toxic feedback. I’ll be sure when another druid feels hopeless in the forums to not act the way you do.

Healing is absolutely harder this tier than last tier (or the tier before). Lots of people will tell you that you’re wrong and bad for having trouble, but they’re jerks who probably don’t heal.

Right now, about 95% of the difficulty of keys up to at least 20 is keeping everyone alive through some of the more potent abilities.

That gauntlet can be a real struggle to heal, but I suspect that it had less to do with you and more to do with bad pulling. The little guys put up a % damage increase debuff on everyone. The other mobs then absolutely destroy you if they hit you while you have high stacks. So you need to pull the gauntlet such that you don’t have high stacks during the AOE from the big mobs. The aquabolts need to be stopped as much as possible also, as they crank.

I would chalk this up to suboptimal tanking and try it again. Druids can absolutely heal this, but it’s one of the more difficult points in the m+ pool, particularly on fortified weeks. Dispel people who are low, that can help.

This is not a helpful comment. Stop being an prick.


This is false.

First season I’ve pugged heal 20s since ever….

Tranq was never really good in mythic+ content. At least not in a long time.

I didn’t say tranq was. It wasn’t something I ever used.

And it’s absolutely true. Keys overall are completely free this season because the timers are very generous, so you can bring middling DPS, or two decent ones and one worthless one, and still +2 the key. All of the challenge is on the healer (and to a lesser degree, the tank).

It’s also week 3, so tanks don’t know the dungeons very well, particularly in the lower bands.

I’ve timed every 20 this season (and every previous season this expansion), and I don’t think calling OP bad for having trouble with it is reasonable in the slightest.

Middling DPS != bad dps.

You literally are saying keys are free this season - right next to saying it’s harder. That’s a contradiction

And hopefully the next time someone needs to vent about their trash performance in a +5 you save Blizzard the server load and don’t.

If you lack reading comprehension skills, maybe. You can bring trash dps to keys, but you need to play well as a healer still to keep them alive if you want to time. The timer isn’t an issue, provided you’re not wiping over and over.

You think you’re such a big man because you timed a 16 by week 3? Shut up.

lol. This is false.

So many bosses have dps checks.

Waycrest manor (thorns boss)
Everbloom (three bosses)
Rook (first boss).

Not to mention that there are so many non-healable spells that need to either be interrupted or LoSed.

Do you even play wow?

Healing is brutal! I don’t know how they do it. On the contrast in week 1 I was pushed my Blood Death Knight to +8s at 424 ilvl. 3 chest a +11 at 436 ilvl. Healing seems really really difficult. You could put me in 470 gear and fail to heal a +8 I guarantee it… that’s because I don’t play heals ever. All I can say is you can do it, just read the talents and make sure you have a good idea of the priority of heals. Unfortunately lots of healing now is preventive rather than reactive. You need to know when the big damage is coming and get prepared for big heals. It’s rough.