I just fixed Layering. Hire me Blizz

This is just like when NASA proposed the idea of an orbital elevator to get bigger stuff up to the ISS easily and some people on facebook were criticing and making fun of it because x or y factor that wouldn’t work.

Your idea wasn’t proposed or concieved by any of Blizzard’s engineers, you are a genius. They should hire you…

nasa=human beings, presumably. :sunglasses:

I don’t get anything from that post, they are basicly empty words.

before you create your character you have to select a server. so before you are shown the server selection screen, they give you a short questionnaire: first question is pvp or normal server? second question is quick create your character or manually select your server? if you select quick create, the system puts you on the server/layer with the lowest load, thus relieving the other servers with higher loads (and populating low pop realm layers)

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Or just play the game. Dude, layering is only temporary. Blizzard is already committed to classic for the life of WoW. In a few months you’ll never see layering again for the next 10 years. It is not the big deal everyone is making it out to be.

Also, it’s a beta test, you are not seeing the finished product of layering. All these “exploits,” yeah, why not just give Blizzard time to fix them? This is the entire point of the beta. I think everyone forgets that it’s for finding and fixing problems, not demoing.

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The only problem with your suggestion is the majority of people will select server 1. This means that server 1 will have more people (likely with a queue) than 2 which will have more people than 3 which will have more people than 4. The servers in the middle may end up being low population while the first two are high population. I like the suggestion though, it needs a bit more polish.

resolution for over populated layers ↓

I’ve never played on vanilla private servers. I’m looking for, what Blizzard has advertised, a faithful recreation of vanilla WoW - Classic. 10k ppl on a server isn’t gonna work the same way as the game i’m asking for would.

I was mostly talking about the post i made about it, but it’s very similar to the OP.
Obviously people will pick certain realms as hot spots as they always have, and depending on how many realms will be opened, the population is going to be a little more uneven on some realms than others. That’s completely normal and unavoidable, just as it is with layering.

You presume there’s gonna be plenty of realms which will even get to the point of merging - again, this isn’t even very likely. But for the sake of it, let’s assume we’ll have realms that have to be merged weeks after because so many tourists had left the game.
During that time, people will have got to play WoW Classic from the get go without layering, and got a proper impression on the game, made some friends already in the community as they ran into eachother everyday continously. They’ll have their own reputation within their realms circle of people, and that one will stay with them even if they have to move in the absolute worst case.

If you had layering, even with just 2 layers of 3k ppl each, it would already not allow you to make the same impact and significance in your community because it’s simply too many people, and they constantly get shuffled around each play session, when they group up, or a layer empties out/gets filled up.

One is clearly more community friendly than the other. Layering prohibits communities from forming properly altogether until it’s removed and changes up the whole game, while the non layered approach allows for communities to normally form and provide the experience you’d have without layering, aka the actual Classic experience.

Blizzard said a few weeks. If layering is still around in a few months, many people are going to be very unhappy.

Blizzard can’t have their cake and eat it too, in that they promoted the beta via streamers and encouraged massive viewership. So people will react to what is they see in the beta.

I agree though that hopefully we see progress as the testing continues.

I’ve seen this in every single beta I’ve been in with this game. It’s not the streamers. It’s people demanding things get fixed or they quit, literally the first day it goes up for testing. People expecting it to be an early access where everything they did transfers to the live game. Remember the MOP beta? The outrage over all these other people getting a head start?

Some people just don’t get how it works.


The game was designed with a server cap of 3000 in mind.

If you don’t have enough tourist drop-off by the time Phase 2 rolls around to turn off layering, turn off layering, add more servers, and institute the population cap of 3000.

I mostly agree, yep.

And by blurring the line between beta and entertainment, Blizzard is amplifying this tendency.

Good luck trying to level.

Even if a realm has high player retention you could selectively merge…

Mannorth has high retention so we’re going to merge Mannorth1 and 2 into Mannorth and Mannorth3 and 4 in Kil’jaden. Problem solved completely. In fact, as long as servers are completely separate with no sharding all you are doing is identifying servers with a shared name-pool so that they can be merged easily with no Blizzard involvement at a later date.

So to fix not being able to see some of the people playing on your server for the beginning, you want to isolate them even more and then suddenly everyone is all one server? That’s way worse than what you think is gonna be wrong with layering.

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thats what ion says they are gonna do. 3 layers per server with cap of 3k each. at the end of phase 1, all 3 layers are merged together. if one or more are too big to be merged, they’re made into their own server.

I’ve made a similar suggestion numerous times with a few differences. They won’t do it because it would cost dev time/money. It’s a good idea, just that I am super doubtful they’ll do it because $.

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Can you pull the quote or interview where he says they are going to move part of a server into another server.

Then they should hire me first…