I hope we get something like Lucid Nightmare in SL

I just unlocked Lucid Nightmare a couple weeks ago, and I enjoyed it a lot. For the puzzle part, I tried mapping it out at first but eventually gave up and ran around like a headless chicken for 10 minutes then unlocking it. Even though there was a guide explaining every detail, I still had a lot of fun with all the mini-games.

I hope something similar is added in SL!


Lucid Nightmare? Shopping in a Wal-Mart.

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I was in that stupid room for like 5-6 HOURS

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I made a bet with my guild that I would have the mount before raid time :sob:

I spent 5 minutes with the map, gave up, then ran around like an idiot and was surprised when the golden room popped up!

I never understood the mapping idea since there were rooms that would send you randomly to another part of the maze. It made little to no sense to me.

I think there is 2 teleporter rooms and they’re always in the same location, but they’ll teleport you to a random room when you enter it.

I was working on the final Lucid Nightmare puzzle back months ago. He to head to work with only 3 of the 5 done…knowing I’d have to start over. Put it off for a few months.

Decided one day I was just going to slog through it. Tried mapping it out…got frustrated and just ran around aimlessly. Ended up getting it done in 57 minutes total. Must have been an easier random one.

Fun times overall…but I’m glad it’s over.

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I mapped mine out. Towards the end I started getting sent to random rooms but since I had my map I was able to reorientate myself and get it done.

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Eh Lucid Nightmare is fine and all, but i had a blast getting my Hivemind mount. That thing…took some awesome teamwork and coordination rarely seen these days in the game

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I was a bit more methodical. I only made right turns where I could until it got repetitive and then i changed to left or straight only. I spent about 30 minutes in there

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Agreed! The puzzle mounts have been super, SUPER fun to collect!

The first I recall collecting was the Riddler’s Mind-Worm, which was intriguing because of the, well… riddles. lol!

Didn’t complete all of them myself, but it was fun figuring some of them out!

Then the Lucid Nightmare… my goodness, what an adventure! Going all over the place and speaking to so many different folks, all leading up to that maze. Incredible experience, and that mount is still one of my favorites.

Then there was the Hivemind! WOW! Incredible journey to go through, made all the more fun by solving group puzzles! Plus the mount is so incredibly unique… I strongly recommend doing it.

It has two parts, the first part can be done completely solo (collecting monocles). The second part does require a group, but I was able to do it with a pug group without issue.

Anyway, I digress. Congratz on your new Lucid Nightmare! Well done!!!

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I really enjoyed the Lucid Nightmare chain from start to finish. Would love to see more solo stuff like that.

Mapping it is the worst idea. People that map it say it took hrs to complete. I ran blindly and did it in around 40 mins

There’s a logic to it, and it’s possible to map out where the teleport rooms are

I mapped out both of my attempts, but supposedly the actual maps can vary wildly in difficulty. I spent a few hours running around the first attempt and didn’t even get close, and then another few hours in the second. Second attempt went much better and faster and the map definitely helped.