I haven't received my survey if I want Classic+ or TBC

This is pathetic, a survey was released a couple months ago asking about “TBC”, forcing TBC when we don’t want it. I remember very vividly of Ion saying they would monitor our feedback over the course of Classic and make a decision based on what WE wanted.

And we don’t want TBC, retail players that hate your game after WoTLK want TBC because it’s closer to WoTLK.

It’s pretty sad that we will never get a survey asking us what we would rather play, I’m not really surprised, aside from the gaslighting on the forums from ankle biters we are dealing with the same people that tried to force a Diablo Mobile onto us.

We want Classic+


I want TBC.


Me too.


and just like that 75% of this post is “I want TBC” :stuck_out_tongue: (I want it too)


you may not want TBC but I do. I also really like classic wow also, but I want to progress my character in the natural order. Where that stops, well that I don’t know but so far I am enjoying the ride a lot. When TBC comes out, there will be some way some method to keep playing actual classic wow the classic wow that exists before patch 2.0, and that is very important and I agree with the super classic wow players who will continue to keep playing relentlessly without end.


And something else to add, from a money point of view it would be a no brainer to continue on with TBC - want to know why OP?

It literally costs them nothing to develop. It’s already been done.

Classic+ requires development, time and money.

We’ll likely see TBC, sorry mate.

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You think you do, but you don’t


No, YOU want classic+. I want TBC.


Mmm TBC :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: /drool


I swear this vocal minority keeps coming here to get the @#^& kicked out of them. A lot of players are only playing vanilla to get to BC and will abandon vanilla in a heartbeat.


I mean, I enjoy Classic, but after Naxx I’m not just going to sit around and farm Booty Bay rep. I’ll want to move on just as I did 14 years ago. No point in staying a static 60 forever with no new content. I wouldn’t say I started playing Classic to get to BC, but at this point BC is the progression and I welcome it. This “NO BC” talk sounds a lot like “GET OFF MY LAWN” to me.

You don’t want TBC. If you think you are in the majority you are sadly mistaken. Most people want TBC because of the class balance changes on top of how good the raids were. It’s funny how you hate on Diablo Mobile but expect them to do something good with Classic +. I suspect this is a poor troll attempt.

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Seems like we don’t need that survey after all. TBC it is.


Perhaps there is a reason you didn’t recieve a survey.

TBC 2020, make it happen Blizz


I want TBC.

And, to all the Classic+ people out there, I want to ask you a question. The whole Classic+ thing is based on Blizzard adding new content to the game in the style of Classic. But answer me this: do you truly, honestly believe that the Blizzard of 2020 can make games like they did in 2004? Especially when we have shining examples of BFA, Diablo: Immortal, and Warcraft 3 Reforged to hold up as examples of current Blizzard’s work?

Run through TBC and Wrath, and give Blizzard time to relearn how to make good games again. There’s some promising things coming out of the Shadowlands alpha, so there is some hope.


Blizz should just contract out to some high end raiding guilds tools to make custom raids, dungeons, etc.

Have art contests. Have a pick your favorite dungeon concept contest. Blizz picks the best submissions, edits for exploits, and stamps approval.

I got it and responded to it. I came to classic in hopes of them pushing to TBC. Youre free to feel this is the best version of the game and want to have more of it. THough i think in the end youre currently living your classic plus fantasy. More people in the game with just the way it was back in the day.

I think that most people that come here now that played though the content they may or may not remember get the feeling that what they waited for was so watered down and in the end the class diversity and challenge is basically coming down to did you keep your world buffs and did you not play one of those meme support classes that offer less to the raid than a pure dps spot.

I don’t want Classic+ I want TBC

Truth is I don’t trust Activision-Blizz to create the same quality of WoW games like Van/TBC/WotLK anymore and by getting TBC we know we are getting a good version of WoW


who is this royal we you are talking about? Because you don’t speak for me, I want classic just classic, and by the way TBC is CLASSIC+ it is quite literally classic content + other content…