I haven't played wow for a while and reroll a pally! Any advice and tips?

I have not played this game for a while, reroll a pally. It’s good to be back! A lot of things has changed. I will take my time questing and leveling, so far I have fun. Any advice or tips? Thank you!

  1. Google “icy veins class guide” and use the proper rotation and talents for your specializations. Start now so you don’t form bad habits. Don’t forget to assign talents for all your specs on the talent tab in the “N key menu”. I suggest warmode for the bonus exp and ability to use extra open world talents. you tube has a massive amount of videos on almost everything WoW related.

  2. Learn to play all three of your specs. Healers and tanks usually never wait more than 2 minutes to get in a dungeon “I key”. if you have specific questions about playing your specs ask here. There is an important macro for healers I can provide you. My pally just hit 120 today. Mix in dungeons with your questing. Dungeons drop the best loot and its good to learn how to play in a group. There is a massive amount of group content at max level. Have fun enjoy the ride!

  3. If for some reason you don’t like tanking and healing and plan to only play dps, I would start a new character of a different class. Pally’s only have one dps spec. The more specs you play on a character the more variety, nerf protection, and less chance of long term boredom. Don’t be afraid to level a few classes to 30ish to see what you like to take to 120 first. Leveling is so fast right now with the 100% exp buff until 4/20.

Here is the healing macro. Make a macro for every skill that targets a player. This is much faster you can heal by hovering your mouse over their party/raid frame, instead of actually clicking it. This allows you to keep the mobs/boss hard targeted. I consider this mandatory for any pally to be competant, or an addon that does the same.

Ret will need a macro for Blessing of Protection, Lay on Hands, and Flash of Light. Holy needs these and many more. you can copy and paste to make new macros just change the name and the icon, very easy to make. Drag the macro icon to your hot bar.

/cast [@mouseover, help, nodead][] Flash of Light