I have a lot of hype for the Baine prison break, but i have a question


Would be optional? Or even the sylvis boys would have to do it?

(Trivelfrank) #2

I hope not. I didn’t get a choice to disobey Sylvanas in her destruction of Teldrassil. I had no say in whether or not this is what the Horde should be doing. The Sylvanas fans should be forced to see Baine freed if they want to continue the story quests and not get special quests just for them. They don’t pay a higher sub fee from the rest of us, why should they get extra content designed for them?

(Abrahof) #3

There are quests for Alliance, loyalists, and traitors. So everyone has to equally go through this very disappointing chain of quests

(Grandblade) #4

The only choices you get really are whether or not to tell Nathanos what’s happening - I believe in the same way you can choose to tell him Baine wants to free Derek. And even if you do, he tells you to play along AGAIN, because apparently there’s a surprise waiting for them down there… I assume it’s Magister Hathorel and the Sunreavers, which you then proceed to help them kill regardless of who you picked.