I have a delightfully evil plan

Step 1. Acquire hardware id of every player.
Step 2. Ban all the known botters.
Step 3. Verify new accounts with your hardware id.
Step 4. If violator, they get charged doubled the price.
Step 5. Make it an exponential punishment for future violations.
Step 6. Soon they get out priced and can’t afford to break the rules.

Good luck with your evil plan :smile:

Not super sure how virtual machines work, but couldn’t this be worked around that way? I know some ID things are different with Virtual Machines.

-Go to school auctions and buy dozens, DOZENS of computers for $50
-Use a VM

Most hardware IDs can actually be changed.

You don’t get to read the ID directly, you’re always going through the OS and it usually caches it for you… In a place that can be changed. Sometimes you can even overwrite the ID on the hardware itself though.

There is nothing you can think of that a person can’t get around

Blizzard says it best