I hate the Barber Shop Gender Change

How am I supposed to sell my transmorphic tinctures now :frowning:

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Given the price of in-game services (I’m talking real IRL money here,) I would have to believe the sex change in the barber shop won’t come cheap.

As long as you’re below the barber’s Price point, you should be good to go.

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I’m not worried about price so much as name changing…any character change now comes WITH a name change, and its kinda essential often if you’re going from one gender to the other…like I have a toon named Loreldia. Very feminine name. I wouldnt want my male to be named that if I changed gender in the barbershop.

I see where you’re coming from. The issue with name changes though is that it can be used for some shady stuff.

What makes you think it will be any more expensive than any other customization change?

Ah shoot…that is true. People would abuse the heck out of that =/ hmm…well may need to come up with more gender neutral names in the future =/

Time to abandon normal names and go back to abstract gender neutral ones like Floorlicker and HolyMoly :sunglasses:

Appearance change in the Blizzard shop is currently $15 US. Comparing that to tokens would put it in the high tens of thousands of in-game gold. Also it is the only way to permanently change gender at the moment.

It costs Blizzard basically nothing to allow an appearance or gender change, so it’s all profit. In game, it’s just a gold sink. I’m sure it’s a slightly more major appearance change than a shirt color, so I’m sure it will cost more gold than a simple mog for example.

I very seriously doubt it will be any different than changing any other feature.

I think it will be cheap. The only reason the cash shop services are so expensive is because they are done manually. Someone has to generate a report, someone else has to go into the database and modify the settings then finally someone else tests the results. Once Blizzard automates the process, it’s all but forgotten. The people doing the manual work go do something else or they get laid off.

So about that Orb of Deception. Does it randomly roll gender now?

Look out boys! After a few drinks, I might go on a gender bending booze filled bender!

A rose by any other name will smell as sweet