I got the thing

FUZZBUTT!!! Thankfully it’ll take more than that!

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For my ret off spec, I’ve been playing ret in keys given its a lot more fun to play IMO and it will help a lot with my ability to get into runs now.

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Didnt they do something to make it drop more this week ?

Alas, I don’t raid so I don’t think I’m part of that demographic

Yeah the significantly buffed the drop rate, and made it a retroactive change, we of course will never know what the true values are. Yet this week forward people should start to see it more consistently in theory.



Is it worth making at this point?

Congrats! I got it already on seven of my alts on their first time each running the dungeon though. Like ten years ago.

You’re not even real. I’m real.

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Did Fuzzbutt ever give the tennis ball :tennis: back, or did the worgens take it?

you can’t prove that. Cite eight to ten sources in credentialed scientific journals.

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My ball!


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  1. Me, 2. my friend, 3. my other friend, 4. my friend’s best friend, 5. my friend’s sister, 6. my friend’s second cousin, 7. my bestest best friend and 8. my dog.

Journals include,
I’m right, you’re wrong.
Rules of Freeze tag.
Simon Says.
Well My Dad Can Beat Up Your Dad.

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Me, getting Infinite Timereaver on like my 6th Timewalking Dungeon ever when it was new.

Alright, you proved your point. Guess I’ll stop existing n

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Yeah, I guarantee they’ll allow us to upgrade it in season 4

Congrats on getting a thing!

Gratz on the thing! Now you must collect the stuff!

“I got Invincible – Hey, whats this? Whoa! — It had Fyr’alath in its mouth!”

Oddly nuff, and after many trials and tribulations…I also got the thing.

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