I got the same amount of points as the calculator told me

didnt feel any changes
got literally the same amount of points expected
is this a joke or what


Ditto. No change. I’m going to wait to spend them until I see what happens. I’m 25 points away from the piece of gear I need on my Shaman. So disappointing.

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Maybe they thought we got no calculator…


came here to make this post too :stuck_out_tongue:

which bracket was yours in? all mine were 5s so unless they made all brackets the same as 5s it wasnt changed…

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Many devs get the ego oh they won’t know.

Many devs forget long ago they were jsut players too. players who know the maths of the game.

See this with the modding communities like with bethesda games.

Will they know what we changed? yes…we can work CK pretty good at this point. most with a coding background also have some application that does command line diff better and makes results “prettier” and easier to work with.

feed 2 files…see what it highlights for changes. and thus from 5000 lines of data you only need to focus on like…10. Since only 10 things that changed.

Wait… we can Q rated? I think they were talking about Season 4 points my bro.

i dont think so,the post said it would affect last weeks point calculation

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the post said many things … that so far are not true :confused:

Mine were all 5s too. Also exactly the same as calculator said.

I was in 2s, confirming I got same points as calculator. Left me just a few points shy of my weapon RIP.

The changes are next season bud

it says otherwise,brother