I GIVE UP! Reporting is absolutely pointless!

I think that would be great, but you would honestly still get adverts in trade. Not as much hopefully, but it would happen.

The big problem I’ve seen is how many RMT adverts there are. If an actual guild wants to boost for gold, great, but its mostly RMT sites doing the adverts. And those are against TOS.

Actually, I believe that’s actually happening in the next update. Can’t remember where I saw it, but if I find it I’ll like it. RMT post would still be reportable though as that’s still not going to be okay.

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Certainly doesn’t help for years there were obvious countries and currencies in which you could claim as your primary. So easy to make new accounts for like a sixth or less of others.

I don’t think it will be a group finder change but rather a trade (services) chat channel.

If all of the advertisements are in one place, it would be easier for Blizzard to monitor and track RMT sellers. One problem at a time…

Having a place for those advertisements will be a positive, fewer ads in trade for one. But hopefully it will be a “too few players buying to sustain a profit” kind of thing.

Yep, you’re right Boostins. It’s still a good change though I think. Found the link for it too:

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What needs to be done?

Take a more aggressive position on RMT services. And how that could be done is having a team that actively monitor adverts instead of using an automated system. Banning new accounts quickly makes it cost the RMT services money for each new account. Having to create a new account every 10 minutes would soon cost more than its worth.

it is definitely not pointless

I remember, back in vanilla, when Blizzard used to do something like this-- They used to have GMs watching trade chat. It was memorable for the few times a GM would say something in trade due to how they had that Blizzard sticker next to their name.


Everquest had what I consider was the best system ever created. It had flaws like any system will when it’s using community volunteers. But for the most part, the guide system was amazing. As a guide, you would volunteer time to be in game answering help requests and watching for things that would ruin other players experiences. I don’t think a system like that would work any longer, but it was great while it was in place.

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Oh, trust me, reporting works. You can report anyone for anything these days, they could say “hi” and they’d get a warning. Just today, some dude reported me for giving him advice about mythic plus, he said I was being “rude” and said I was calling him a “bad tank” when all I said was “215 is too low for a five-key.” So now, I am stuck with a false warning.


Dear OP,
Why does it bother you so much? It is clear that it is not going away, so you might as well stop allowing it to bother you.


I understand reporting… but I never understood reporting someone’s name. Always seemed so pathetic to do… unless you’re being petty towards someone.

You think they’re gonna get funneled into posting all in one place? They’re always going to try and reach as large a crowd as possible.

I’m don’t get shocked anyone when I hear stories like this… blizzard is more worried about inclusion than actually clearing out the rot in the forums and games.

Just because you’ve given up the good fight, doesn’t mean he should… he’s right tho, whether you wanna admit out loud or not.

I never entered into the fight. I really do not care if people sell boosts, that’s their business. I would much rather the developers focus their attention on creating quality content, properly tune fights from the beginning, and balance the classes/specs so that people can play the class/spec of their choice.

Maybe next time you log on WOW try to play the actual game.

Seems to me like you are really invested on that player rather than playing the game?

That’s fine, but coming in here questioning why someone cares… is kind of pointless. I want them to do their jobs… if they can’t do that, they should find people that will. I would love to see some good balancing being done, but we got more than just a few people working on WOW. No to the class/spec choice non-sense, lore is just getting butchered further because people wanna be tauren rogues and other such idiotic combinations.

We all got opinions man and yours served no purpose in this thread.

What is pointless is continuing to complain about this issue in yet another thread. And I’m not a man.

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I don’t care what you are man… making that relevant on a forum proves nothing. Complaining is normal, complaining about complaining kinda cringe.