I get the "no changes" crowd, but there WERE changes, so why wasn't class balance one of the changes?


What site are you using to look at classic realm population?


Actually I wanted PURE vanilla. I wanted to start with patch 1.1.0 as it was back on launch day in 2004, and progress forward with all the bugs, etc. And then follow the release schedule after that. It was the only way to recreate the TRUE vanilla experience. Instead, we’re already at 1.12 levels, with some weird changes, a few things being held back, etc. I’m glad they called it Classic, as Classic is NOT Vanilla!


because all the people that want a terrible hemogenized version of classes can play BFA. OP is absolutely clueless about why classic is classic

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Weird it’s almost like it’s possible to have better class balance without homogenization, just like how it’s not a binary jump from classic to BFA.

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Just be glad we are running a warped version of 1.12 where things die so quickly any spec will work.

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That’s fantastic. I hope it’s a joke.

In case it isn’t, I personally have been advocating going back to the roots of classic since before private servers were widely known to be a thing. And many were alongside me.


Yea… Class balance was a part of vanilla.

Patch by patch it happened. Classic is a lazy emulation of vanilla. I only played retail wow in 04-05 and i can say this classic wow is fun but could have been done so much better in many ways. Patch by patch class evolution and balance changes is just one area it falls short.

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Depends what kind of balance you’re talkin about. If your criteria for being balanced is the ability to participate in heroic raids and PVP, then retail is perfectly balanced. If your criteria is that every class be exactly optimal in all situations in extreme high-level mythics, well that’s just ridiculous.


Disagree, game is thriving right now without your class balance desires.


So, correct me if I’m wrong, but couldn’t you buy one ice cold milk or flour in vanilla by holding shift?

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Wait until more people start hitting 60. Class balance isn’t nearly as relevant in the low levels.


Is there a spec currently that makes it impossible to complete any of the game’s content?


Then class balance is good.

Other people will be jerks regardless of how balanced the classes are.


TC isn’t saying balance the game, just make certain classes viable at certain roles or situations.

Classic is gonna have a reaallllllllllllly bad tank shortage compared to retail cause the only viable tanks are warriors. Not a lot of people who want to tank like the warrior style of tanking and or druids vs warriors in tanking during classic/vanilla is a no brainer which one is gonna get you places.


Almost every single class had a major overhaul during vanilla.

I know this is another “Why can’t I raid as meme spec” threads thinly disguised as a “but but but balance” requests.

TBC balanced the classes like you wanted, it just didn’t happen in Vanilla and if TBC class balance was brought to Vanilla it would be an entirely different game.


If you increase cat dps , then rogues will start wanting healing abilities. Increase bear single target threat then warriors will want more aoe threat. Hybrid classes are supposed to be ok at everything but not the best at anything.


lol please. You really think if blizzard allowed Druids to eat in bear form would turn the game into retail? If they added an npc in the middle of the ocean it would become retail, right? This slippery slope argument is dumb. It took retail many, MANY itterations to become what it is now. Tweaking the core classic experience to make it more enjoyable/ functional/ authentic… whatever doesn’t automatically make it retail.

There are already changes, is it retail yet?


Nope, nor is it the VANILLA experience that a lot of us wanted sadly.


You let me pick up my totems and I’ll roll another Shaman. Also, please BlizzGod, 30 minute weapon buffs.


I just quoted someone as stating that Blizzard’s willingness to add layers means that they should re-balance classes. I’m not sure how to more clearly demonstrate the unintended consequences of changing classic. They literally just re-released an entire game over this.


Find a guild who feels the same about the meta as you…there are plenty out there. Not everyone is min/maxing…that’s boring anyways, IMO.