I get the "no changes" crowd, but there WERE changes, so why wasn't class balance one of the changes?


No. Blizzard started down this road with vanilla WoW and the end result was Retail WoW, which is just an awful variation of the game.

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They don’t balance classes on retail…
Not sure why you’re surprised classic isn’t balanced, because it never was.


At this point, it’s hard to imagine this being a legit and sincere request, unless a player has been in a coma for two years.
Annnd it’s even harder to imagine this being yet another self-imagined clever troll.

Just stop.


I love you. It’s so frustrating to see the logical fallacies people jump into on the basis of…

“Since <thing> is incidentally or unintentionally not verbatim vanilla behavior due to [use of new game client code|temporary use of layering], we should make intentional efforts to stray further from authentic classic!”

Your efforts in defending authenticity of classic is appreciated :smiley:

The only intentional efforts Blizzard should be making is making things MORE authentic. No fixes, updates, or new content. Strap us down into 1.12 authenticity as best as can be done as each week goes on!


This is actually false. The classes were actually balanced fairly well when considering utility and abilities. The only REAL issue, as far as hybrids were concerned was itemization. There were minor changes to classes in TBC but that isn’t what truly balanced them. It was the change in itemization that was the biggest factor. There was more hybrid friendly gear and tier sets, that didn’t put them over the top, but made all the specs noteworthy.

In Vanilla/Classic, there have been players that have found multiple workarounds. Players who found ways to do crazy DPS as Ret or cat, tank at prot pally or bear, and so on. The biggest issue was itemization, not class balance. There are items that can work well, but they are small in numbers, and take a LOT of pre-planning, which wasn’t possible in the mere 2 years we had of Vanilla.

So classes are balanced… it was always itemization for certain specs that was an issue.


So knowing the sordid unfortunate history of Druids in original arc of WoW… you rolled a Druid. GG? You had like 15 years of warning.


Now that the rant is over, back to playing classic.


wait, how is mind control nerfed?


As much as I would have loved class balance changes, think about it a minute. If they did that, they would need to rebalanced mobs to account for it. It would have been a ton more work on their end for what was, at the time, a project they were clearly unsure about.

It should have happened, but would have easily spiraled out of control with additional changes if it did.


^^This? This right here is the “slippery slope” argument. This is why #nochanges exists. This is what we get once Bliz gives in to “small, QoL changes.”


Layering is 100% the best argument for no further changes.


And cannot be stressed enough.


This is literally what Classic is with no changes


Agreed. I feel like half the posts on the Classic WoW forum are essentially arguing that Classic WoW should not exist, which is bizarre.


It’s not. Someone said you couldn’t mc people on boats, which is false, and people ran with it.


Honestly, my opinion is in order to keep classic fun, NO changes can be made. Once you start changing things it will never stop, and you will end up with garbage like retail. I just subbed for a month just to play classic, i want it exactly how it was.

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This isn’t really surprising, just like how dungeons and raids seem super easy because everyone knows what they’re doing class choices are also impacted by people knowing how they actually work.


Wait what? Lol horribly incorrect. TBC had balance changes. Yes. The classes were not all balanced. Warriors were still the best tanks for raids. Ferals could tank but warriors still did it better.
Ret dps wasnt good until you had good gear.
Rogues were still really strong in pvp.
Mages were amazing dps
Warlocks were good dps too.
Enhancement shamans? I don’t remember them being good in TBC as far as dps goes.
Boomkin still sucked.
Shadow priest melted faces and holy was good. I don’t remember seeing a disc in raids.
Hunters were ok dps but not in line with other pure dps classes.

Class balance was far from perfect. Wrath did it better as far as raiding is concerned.


I jumped in here to see which class is whining. Yeah, It had to be a Druid, Paladin, or some other disgusting mongrel mix.


Look at the numbers and the classes everyone is playing are very balanced.

At least they are on our server.