I GET IT! It all makes sense now

Ysera. No spoilers, just a quick one-liner:
Yesera has completed the cycle. She is back for souls.

Reminds me I need to switch my laundry over.


Like, it’s a full moon??

Ysera is the Jailer?

Just wait. I bet she will end up with a whole new set of powers with her new domain…

Ysera is a dill pickle with wings.
I figured it out.


Hmm, seems far fetch since she’ll have to return to the land of the dead. She wouldn’t have any more powers to use other than what she has now.

Huh? Wut?

Why are we talking about Ysera’s “cycle” again?

Is this a early Sunday post?

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I have no idea what you’re talking about.

you are the only disgusting person who went there.
That’s entirely on you and your personality.

You will see. Maybe LOL

can u take out the trash too? points to baine

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