I get disconnected 3-4 times every hour when entering new zone

Hi, good afternoon

I am experiencing connection issues when I start to play world of warcraft. I am getting random disconnects frequently like 3-4 every hour while playing and my Internet seems to be fine. I dont have the same problem with other games.

I have noticed that I get disconnected when entering a new zone either instance, city or world. It is very frustrating because I get kicked from instances frecuently because of that.

Before I thought it was something about my UI interface but I have reset my UI by deleting WTF, Interface and Addon folders with no success and I have only “Details” addon installed

So far I have tried the following solutions with no success:

  1. Follow the steps recomended in this page: https://us.battle.net/support/en/article/112213#:~:text=Check%20your%20network%20configuration%20to,any%20viruses%20or%20malware%20infections.

  2. Reset my router

  3. Call my internet provider. They told me my internet was fine.

Not sure what should I do or how to manage this issue which is bothering me since 2 weeks ago.

Thank you in advance for your help


This would be better over in Tech Support than Customer Support. You can edit your original post and just move it there so more technologically knowledgeable folks can help.

Just hit the ‘edit’ pencil icon on your post, then select the Tech Support forum from the drop down.

You can also check out the Tech Support stickie for some diagnostic things to run for people to look over:

TY! I have also opened a ticket with that information.

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