I envy the Horde

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Don’t get me wrong this isn’t a Horde bias thread, I don’t believe in faction bias I think it’s just perspective and bad writing on Blizzard’s part.

Anyways, I know the Horde story sucks right now because it’s just a rehash of Mists of Pandaria, but I still envy certain aspects of your story.

I love how the Horde story feels like it’s own story, and it feels diverse. Like you guys have Sylvanas and Nathanos, Baine, Saurfang, Talanji, Zappy Boi, a whole bunch of characters in the story that make it feel like an actual faction story.

On the Alliance our story is just reacting to the Horde… ooooo so great thanks Blizzard. And when it isn’t about the Horde it’s just focusing on Jaina. Seriously in this expansion they might as well have named the Alliance Jaina’s Crew, the only non-reacting to the Horde story we got was Jaina’s. It was good, but I want the Alliance story to focus on other races of the faction not just Jaina, and somewhat Anduin (I know Blizz has to get that Human Potential in there).

I don’t know just my thoughts on the story for Battle for Azeroth. Like I feel for the Horde in that their story is a rehash of stuff they don’t want to go through again, that really blows, but I also envy that at least their story feels diverse and includes other races within the faction.


While the writing may not always be perfect, The Horde does tend to get a lot of spotlight and extra beats to their story, especially in a faction war.

But likewise for Alliance, we get our spotlight in expansions like Legion. The Horde plays second fiddle to our lore heroes while we save the world.

That’s just the theme of the factions. The Horde is the unstable collection of very odd races that often find themselves at war for ridiculous reasons.

And The Alliance is a more unified experience, while our races are diverse, they share a similar morality (Granted Night Elves had their teeth removed, WC3 - Classic.) And they often find themselves at the front of world ending conflicts.

(Artanu) #3

They sold us a story of Sylvanas stepping up as Warchief and rallying the horde behind her in a war against the alliance and then gave us the exact opposite. Why would you envy this?

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This sums up the Alliance:

(Bipzi) #5

So you envy us because the devs highlight our own dis-functionality as a family?


i’ve enjoyed the story from both sides so far. i feel Alliance zones were a tiny bit cooler in certain stories but overall i’ve liked them both.

(Spiçy) #7

You think you envy this, but i can assure you that you are misspoken

I dream of the day that Blizzard gives the alliance the attention they crave. When i get to watch them butcher your faction over and over. When i get to watch all your leaders at war with one another, while all your leaders die every damn expansion. When their characters suddenly take a 180 from everything they use to be to pigeon hole them into some horrible role that they never were, nor never should’ve been.

I cannot wait

(Rhonerta) #8

Now hold on!

We have Anduin…wait…
We have Tyrande…ahhh, oooo…
We have Malfurion…hmmmm…
We have Genn Greymane!

whew, thought I was going to take all night with this post

(Alatoriel) #9

You should because this is not happen ever in the Alliance xD.

(Spiçy) #10

Oh i know it. Its all that “hOrDe BiAs” some members of the alliance actually believe exists. They think they want attention…but they really dont


Even Genn seems to have been quelled by the writers.

Has he done anything in BFA, aside from talking Katherine into freeing Jaina.

(Enekie) #12

If it’s a choice between Crappy Story and No Story? I’ll take Crappy Story.

(Alatoriel) #13

Theres only bias in the racials but in the lore cant be bias because they are always killing their leader , destroying their faction , being dumb and have “moral grey”.

So im just waiting to finally the devolpers realize that the horde cant and shouldnt have any protagonism if they want their game to be good like Lich king or BC .

(Karat) #14

He went to Darkshore with the NEs and was the one that gave the second-most pointless request for surrender in BfA in Dazar’alor (close behind Anduin in UC).

(Droité) #15

Don’t get too ahead of yourself, Thalyssra’s fate is looking pretty grim in 8.2 (god, Blizz, please don’t kill her (or irreparably corrupt her). We just got her). Geya’rah and Mayla are SUPER underdeveloped, being little more than discount Talaanjis conceptually atm. Zappy Boi is a novelty character and little else. I’m also unconvinced that Saurfang will survive this expansion … which sucks.

Blizz seems to have a fascination when it comes to killing off Horde representatives and not putting in the work to replacing them. As a result (since their writing is SUPER Hero focused), the less represenatives we have; the less developed they are; the less likely we are going to have any relevance whatsoever within non Faction conflict expansions (where we are always the villains).

Its … not a great situation. I’ll be crossing my fingers that Thalyssra (and yes, even Saurfang) makes it out of this mess alive; especially since I doubt Sylvie is going to be a Horde member at the end of this (even if she does survive).


Just wish we’d see The Worgen unhinged and not held back, slaughtering camps and Horde towns.

I know in the Horde intro to BFA when you’re escaping Stormwind, you have The Worgen sniff out your invisibility and hunt you down. Need more of that.

(Spiçy) #17

Even those dont exist anymore. I went through them all last night and the biggest gainer was Spriests and the top were alliance. didnt bother me though because it was so minor it wasnt worth mentioning

(Karat) #18

You mean when a few bothered attacking you while Genn and the rest of his bloodthirsty savages followed at a walking pace?

That’d have fun potential but Blizz doesn’t like to have the Alliance do bad things.


Well the problem is, at one point they were far more powerful than they are now.

And that’s when guilds had a mass exodus from The Alliance, as if you remember, a majority of the world first guilds we’re Alliance until Mist.

But when they nerfed racials across the board, there was no incentive to return to Alliance, so those guilds just stayed, thus the imbalance remained.

And now even Blizzard admits they don’t know how to fix it, aside from giving more reasons to play Alliance.

(Spiçy) #20

Yeah this has gone both ways. With EMFH players were making mass pushes towards humans. Once that died they came to the horde

nature of the beast at times. Balanced much better now